Everything you need to know about BT Business Broadband

Thinking about taking BT Business broadband? Here’s what’s on offer and what you need to know.

One of the most trusted and reliable internet service providers on the broadband market, BT offers business broadband alongside its huge selection of phone, TV and Mobile phone deals. Also, packing superfast fibre connections, BT Business broadband can offer you great speed alongside its superb customer service and reliability.

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So what does John Lewis Broadband offer?

ADSL Broadband Yes
Fire Optic Broadband Yes
Calls packages Yes
Mobile Phones Yes
BT Sport No
Sky Sports No

ADSL Broadband

BT offers one of the most reliable ADSL broadband services on the market, offering download speeds of up to 17MB/s. Usage rates for the service vary from 10GB each month all the way up to unlimited plans, so there’s sure to be a business plan to meet your needs.

Upload speeds typically go up to 1MB/s, making it ideal for your day to day business needs. On top of this you also get access to over 5m wireless hotspots in the UK, which you can access before the service is even connected at home!

Fibre Optic Broadband

BT Business broadband ensures that high-speed users are catered for by including fibre optic connections with a selection of its business plans.

Speeds can grow to as high as 76MB/s on downloads and up to 19MB/s with uploads, making for one of the fastest services on the market. Many of these deals also pack an unlimited usage policy, whilst BT Business broadband users are also prioritised during peak hours to maintain speeds and get free technical support 24/7.

Calls package

BT has a long and storied history on the telecom market, with phone calls one of its most important parts of its business. BT Business broadband can include unlimited UK landline and mobile calls as a part of their package.

You can also add international calls to your package, which covers 2500 minutes to landline numbers outside of the UK. These call packages can be added to ADSL and superfast fibre BT Business broadband deals.


BT Business broadband does not offer TV at this time.

Mobile Phones

BT Business does offer mobile deals, however they are sold separately to BT Business broadband, so you will need to source these individually.

BT Sport

BT Business broadband does not offer BT Sport at this time.

Sky Sports

BT Business broadband does not offer Sky Sports at this time.

MoneySuperMarket’s expert view

BT is one of the most trustworthy names on the market, and its 99.99% reliable Business Broadband connection speaks volumes for the quality of the service it provides. It offers high speeds, with capped call costs and even access to over 5 million UK wireless hotspots, making it a brilliant all-round package.

Also, with 24/7 technical support available without any charge, you’ll never be too far from a helping hand. On top of this, by including its award-winning Hub 3 router, you can also ensure that your hardware is right up there alongside the quality of service you’ll be getting.

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