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The Post Office has a nationwide network of branches making it the UK's biggest retailer. Originally set up for acceptance of mail the Post Office has expanded to now offer over 170 products including telephone and broadband services.
Today's best deal - Homephone and Broadband Essential
  • + £50 bill credit Inclusive evening & weekend calls to UK landlines.
  • + Inclusive weekend calls to UK mobiles & 40 international destinations.
  • + Add Anytime calls for £4.50 extra a month.
  • + £7 a month plus £13 line rental.
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How to understand your usage

Your broadband usage, measured in megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB), can be a puzzling subject to fully understand. It's not easy to be truly accurate with how much broadband you're consuming on a monthly basis.

That's why we've cut through the technical jargon by creating three different types of broadband user. Simply match your activities to one of the user types below:

Light users A single user, or perhaps there's two of you, who like to browse the internet, send emails and maybe download a few songs during the evenings and at weekends.
Look for

Packages with 2GB of use or more

Medium users Perhaps you're a small family, or a couple who like to watch iPlayer or catch-up TV a few times a week, on top of the usual website browsing, email sending and occasional Skype calls.
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Packages with 20GB or more

Heavy users You're either a large family or shared household. You like to stream TV or Netflix, perhaps play some online video games and generally enjoy living in a connected world.
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Packages with unlimited usage

How to understand the different broadband speeds

There are three different types of broadband speeds that are available to you when you take out a new deal. These are ADSL, fibre and superfast fibre.


ADSL is broadband that's delivered into your house via a telephone line and used by the majority of households in Britain.

These deals offer speeds of up to 16 megabits per second (Mb). ADSL broadband is generally fast enough for you to stream television without too much buffering or pausing and certainly fast enough for day-to-day internet browsing and emailing.


Using fibre optic cables to transfer data, you can achieve speeds of up to 38Mb with a fibre broadband connection.

You will happily watch live TV and play online video games with a fibre broadband connection offering minimal delays or lags.

Superfast fibre

Superfast refers to fibre optic broadband connections with speeds over 38Mb.

You may opt for a superfast fibre broadband connection if you require large downloads delivered to you quickly, or were a regular player of online video games that needed a faster than average connection in order to play seamlessly.

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Post Office Homephone and Broadband Essential Up to 16 Mb per second 10 GB £7 Per month + £13 line rental Go to site
Offer: £50 bill credit

Package costs

Monthly £7.00
Setup Free
Offer  £50 bill credit
1st year cost £34.00
Monthly line rental £13.00
1st year inc. line rental £190.00
Contract length 12 months
Post Office Homephone and Broadband Premium Up to 16 Mb per second Unlimited £10 Per month + £13 line rental Go to site
Offer: £50 bill credit

Package costs

Monthly £10.00
Setup Free
Offer  £50 bill credit
1st year cost £70.00
Monthly line rental £13.00
1st year inc. line rental £226.00
Contract length 12 months
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