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MoneySuperMarket’s Guide to TalkTalk Broadband

Thinking about taking out a TalkTalk package? Here’s what’s on offer and what you need to know.

TalkTalk broadband

TalkTalk is a value broadband provider that uses the BT Openreach network to deliver its standard and superfast broadband and call services.

TalkTalk now also offers basic TV packages for those looking for a digital TV package on a budget.

So what does TalkTalk offer?

ADSL Broadband Yes
Fibre Optic Broadband Yes
Calls packages Yes
TV Yes (via YouView box)
Mobile Phones Yes
BT Sport No
Sky Sports Yes (All 5 Sky Sports channels are available)

ADSL Broadband

TalkTalk offers ADSL broadband – sometimes referred to as standard broadband.

This is currently the most popular and widely available type of broadband in the UK, reaching speeds of up to 17Mbps per second.

ADSL broadband is transmitted through standard copper telephone cables meaning that the further you are from your local telephone exchange

Fibre Optic Broadband

TalkTalk offers only one speed of fibre optic broadband - up to 38Mbps.

As this type of broadband is transmitted through fibre optic cables your distance from the telephone exchange doesn’t matter nearly as much as with traditional ADSL broadband, as such you’re much more likely to get speeds closer to those advertised.

TalkTalk fibre broadband  is great for those who want to do data intensive activities such as streaming high quality video (Netflix, YouTube), those who game online or those who have multiple users logged on at any one time.

Calls package

TalkTalk have call packages to suit most different types of users.

If you’re a light, off-peak user then you can opt for TalkTalk’s evening and weekend package where all UK landline calls made off-peak are free whereas if you’re a heavy user there’s an anytime calls package meaning all your UK calls are free whenever you use your phone.


As a TV provider, TalkTalk offers two simplified but distinct packages which could be right for you. All TalkTalk TV customers also have the option to add or remove boosts as you see fit.

Essentials TV offers a YouView box that allows you to pause and play live TV, gives you over 70 Freeview channels as well as all your usual catch up TV services. You’ll also get access to TalkTalk Box Office allowing you to buy movies and additional content.

Plus TV offers the YouView+ box that allows to you pause, rewind and record over 200 hours of TV. With Plus TV you’ll get your 70 Freeview channels as well as seven Sky channels and some HD ones to boot.

Mobile Phones

TalkTalk Mobile offers SIM only deals and lower end handsets for customers looking for good value mobile packages.

BT Sport 

At this time BT Sport is not available on TalkTalk.

Sky Sports

The full complement of Sky Sports channels can be added to TalkTalk TV as a boost for an additional fee.

This includes Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 5 and Sky Sports F1.

MoneySuperMarket’s expert view

TalkTalk took home the coveted Best Value TV Provider Award in MoneySuperMarket Broadband Supers 2015 and it’s not hard to see why.

TalkTalk offers fantastic value broadband and TV services with great add ons that you can add or takeaway as you please. Great broadband for users on a budget.

Top TalkTalk deals

Broadband & Phone

Top PickTop Pick Deal

Fast Broadband 12m contract. Total upfront fees £9.00.

Up to 17 Mb per second

Unlimited usage

£20 per month

Deal ends on 11th Apr

Broadband, Phone & TV | Sports TV

TV with Fast Broadband 12m contract. Total upfront fees £34.00.

Up to 17 Mb per second

Unlimited usage

£20 per month

Deal ends on 11th Apr

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