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MoneySuperMarket’s guide to Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Do you need an internet connection when you’re on the move? One option to consider is taking out a contract with mobile network, Vodafone. Here’s what they have to offer…

Vodafone Mobile Broadband

An established and trusted mobile phone network, Vodafone is now offering a mass market mobile broadband service. With several contract lengths and a range of data limits, Vodafone is broadening what’s available to those who want access to the internet while on the go.

So What Does Vodafone Mobile Broadband Offer?

3G Mobile Broadband


4G Mobile Broadband


Connection Type

USB + Wireless

Pay As You Go


Pay Monthly


3G mobile broadband

The cheaper option from Vodafone, 3G mobile broadband offers download speeds that average out at approximately 3.4Mbps.

Available in both a USB and wireless capacity, Vodafone’s 3G options are plentiful, allowing you to choose between monthly or annual contracts along with different data limits for your 3G contract.

4G mobile broadband

The fastest mobile broadband offering, 4G coverage from Vodafone is at an all-time high, and supplies an average speed of around 12.4Mbps.

This kind of mobile broadband deal is perfect if you regularly stream media and handle large downloads, as it offers faster speeds than 3G.

Connection type

There are two standardised connection types for mobile broadband deals, and Vodafone offers both. USB/dongle connections work by connecting you to the web through your USB port on your laptop or desktop PC. They are small and easy to use, and often include room for additional storage.

Wireless connections are the second type for mobile broadband devices, and offer a more streamlined connection to the web. Sometimes named MiFi (short for Mobile Wi-Fi), they create a small wireless hotspot to which you can connect up to five devices. They are battery-powered and require a security key to access, ensuring that it’s only you who can connect to the service.

Pay As You Go

Much like with mobile phone deals, Pay As You Go deals work by topping up your USB or wireless mobile broadband connection to connect to the web.

This is ideal if you’re unsure of whether you’ll use the same amount of data each month, and means that you aren’t tied down to any kind of contract with Vodafone.

Pay Monthly

Pay Monthly mobile broadband deals are contract-based deals which cost you a set amount each month for an agreed level of service. Vodafone offers these deals in two varying lengths, with a 12-month contract and a 30-day rolling deal on offer.

Both 3G and 4G connections are available on Pay Monthly deals, with prices varying depending on your data limit.

Make sure to compare mobile broadband deals here if you’re interested in one of these Vodafone offers.

Top Vodafone deals

Mobile broadband

Top PickTop Pick Deal

4G Mobile WiFI with 30GB

Up to 0 Mb per second

30 GB usage

£25 per month

Mobile broadband

4G Mobile WiFI with 2GB

Up to 0 Mb per second

2 GB usage

£11 per month

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