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What to do if your iPhone is overheating

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All phones get warm from time to time, but if your phone is often getting abnormally hot, it could be a sign of underlying problems. Read our guide for tips on what to do if your iPhone is overheating.

Why is my iPhone getting hot?

It's a familiar scenario for many of us: you're deep into a session on your iPhone, maybe catching up on messages, browsing the web, or playing a game, and you notice your device is getting warm—uncomfortably so. While it's normal for phones to generate some heat during use, as the battery processes various tasks, an iPhone that's too hot to handle is a sign that something's amiss.

An unusually hot iPhone can be a cause for concern. It's important to understand that while some warmth is expected, excessive heat may indicate a problem that needs addressing. Let's explore some potential reasons why your iPhone might be turning up the temperature.

  • Faulty battery: A damaged battery can cause your iPhone to overwork, leading to excessive heat.
  • Too many apps running: When multiple apps are running, your iPhone has to work harder, which can generate more heat.
  • Heavy streaming or gaming: These activities are demanding and use a lot of processing power, which can cause your device to warm up.
  • Outdated software or apps: Out-of-date software can strain your processor, leading to overheating.
  • Being left out in the sun: Direct sunlight can significantly increase your iPhone's internal temperature.

How to know if your iPhone is getting too hot

Understanding the difference between normal warmth and a potential overheating issue is key to maintaining your iPhone's health. Under regular use, it's normal for your iPhone to feel warm. This can occur during or immediately after charging, while using GPS or playing graphics-intensive games, or when using your phone for extended periods.

However, if your iPhone is too hot to handle, displays a temperature warning, or behaves erratically, it's likely overheating. This is when you should take immediate steps to cool it down. Keep reading for some tips on how to help your iPhone chill out.

How to cool down your iPhone

If you find your iPhone running hotter than usual, there are several simple fixes you can try to help it cool down.

Remove your phone case

A case can sometimes trap heat around your iPhone. By removing it, you allow the heat to dissipate more effectively. If you notice a significant difference without the case, it might be time to look for a new one that allows better heat management.

Avoid charging

Charging your iPhone can generate heat, so if it's already hot, unplugging it can help. Place your phone on a smooth, cool surface to aid in cooling it down.

Turn down your screen brightness

A bright screen can consume a lot of energy and generate heat. Dimming the display can reduce the strain on your battery and help lower the temperature.

Turn off your phone

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one. Turning off your iPhone gives it a break from all activities and allows it to cool down. It also resets processes that might be causing it to overwork.

How to prevent your iPhone from overheating

Prevention is always better than a cure, especially when it comes to technology. Here are some tips to keep your iPhone running cool.

Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight

Exposing your iPhone to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius can damage its performance. Keep your phone in the shade or a cool environment, but avoid extreme measures like putting it in the fridge, which can cause condensation.

Close unused apps

Apps running in the background can drain your battery and generate heat. Use the App Switcher to close apps you're not using.

Keep apps and software up to date

Regular updates can improve your iPhone's efficiency, which can help prevent overheating.

Use Airplane Mode

Disconnecting from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks can give your overworked battery a break. Remember that Airplane Mode will prevent you from receiving calls and messages, so use it judiciously.

Use an official Apple charger

To avoid battery overload and overheating, it's recommended to use chargers provided by Apple or certified by them.

Leave your phone alone when it’s charging or installing updates

Using your iPhone while it's charging or updating can cause it to overheat. Let it rest during these times.

Turn off Background Refresh

Disabling Background Refresh in your settings can save battery life and reduce heat production.

Keep your phone away from other electronic devices

Electronics can generate heat, so it's wise to keep your devices separated to avoid creating a hot environment.

What if your iPhone keeps overheating?

If your iPhone continues to overheat despite following these tips, it may be time to seek expert help. Contacting the Genius Bar or an Apple-certified expert can provide you with professional assistance.

In some cases, persistent overheating might be a sign that your iPhone is reaching the end of its life cycle. If that's the case, you could consider getting the latest and greatest iPhone 15, or another Apple handset. Upgrading to a new model can not only resolve overheating issues but also bring you the latest features and improvements in smartphone technology.

In the end, an overheating iPhone is not just an inconvenience; it can be a symptom of underlying issues. By taking proactive steps to cool down and prevent overheating, you can extend the life of your device and enjoy a smoother, cooler user experience. Remember, if in doubt, professional advice is just an appointment away.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my iPhone getting hot while charging?

If your iPhone feels abnormally hot while charging, it could be due to damage to its battery or charging port, or a problem with your charging cable.

It could also be because you’re using your phone when it’s charging – particularly if you’re doing a power-hungry activity such as video calling, streaming films or online gaming.

So, it’s best to leave your phone alone while it’s charging.

Does the battery drain quicker when my iPhone overheats?

Yes, it does. When your iPhone gets too hot, it can lose battery capacity. And over time, excessive heat can permanently degrade battery life.

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