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Originally formed in 1849 as the National Freehold Land and Building Society, then as Abbey National Building Society in 1944, the bank we know as Santander now has 14 million active customers in the UK and 806 branches and counting.

Santander current accounts - Ordered by overdraft

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What types of current account does Santander offer?

Santander offer a range of current accounts, including:

Everyday current account, their standard current account.

Basic current account, a stripped back account for credit building.

Essentials current account, for students and workers new to the UK.

1|2|3 current account, an account that offers cashback and pays interest if you’re in credit.

1|2|3 lite current account, like a standard 1|2|3 account but without paying interest on your balance.

Select current account, also like a standard 1|2|3 account but with extra personal advice available from the bank.

1|2|3 mini current account, a current account for children under 18.

1|2|3 student current account, a current account for those in further education.

What features do Santander current accounts have?

Depending on the type you choose, opening an account with Santander can give you access to the following features:

Overdraft: some accounts offer an interest free overdraft, while others offer none at all. However in general Santander current accounts include an arranged overdraft that charges you per day depending on how overdrawn you are – for example, on the everyday current account being overdrawn by less than £2,000 costs £1 a day.

Retailer offers: you might also get cashback for using your Santander debit or credit card at certain retailers.

Household bills: you can even get cashback on some household bills.

Santander current accounts - Ordered by overdraft



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Santander credentials

Santander bank is authorised and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority, as well as being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Why you should compare current accounts

Current accounts are what most people use to manage their everyday finances, so picking the right one can be important. Shopping around between the different accounts available can be a good way to find the best account for you, and on MoneySuperMarket you can compare accounts from a range of providers based on factors like their interest rates, overdraft facilities, benefits and perks, and customer reviews.

When you’ve chosen the current account you want to open, the Current Account Switch Service guarantees the process will be complete within seven working days. Your new provider should take of everything, including transferring your existing outgoing and incoming payments, redirecting any accidental transactions from your old account, and paying any potential penalty charges.

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