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Moneycorp International Money Transfers

About Moneycorp

published: 15 September 2022
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Moneycorp is a currency specialist offering International Money Transfers. By using MoneySupermarket, you can compare the cheapest ways to send your money abroad. Moneycorp is a leading non-bank provider of foreign exchange services. This specialist broker, which has celebrated its 30-year anniversary, offers a quick and secure way of moving your money overseas.

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Why use International Money Transfers?

People need to send money overseas for many reasons, such as gifts to family and friends, or to make mortgage payments on holiday homes. If you’re looking to make a foreign currency transaction, you are no longer limited to your bank or a money wire service.

Why use Moneycorp?

There are big savings to be made by using Moneycorp, rather than heading for the high street, as you can avoid getting stung by the hefty fees levied by many of the banks.

The exchange rates offered by Moneycorp tend to be more competitive than those offered by the banks – especially as the banks often promise “no commission” but then end up building that commission into the rates.

While foreign currency brokers used to deal primarily with those people moving huge sums of money, they are now a lot more accessible; Moneycorp will deal with all forms of money transfers, no matter the size of payment.

Moneycorp is faster than high street banks, and as it deals in large sums of currency, it can offer extremely competitive rates of exchange.

As a specialist it can also offer information and guidance on the currency markets, helping you decide on the best time to buy.

Moneycorp has teams of trained and qualified dealers who can help you with all forms of money transfers, ensuring you get the best exchange rates possible.

Services offered by Moneycorp include: commercial foreign exchange services to corporate customers and private clients, retail bureau de change from locations at Gatwick, Stansted and Southampton airports, and in central London, and also online travel money and prepaid cards.

How to choose a currency specialist

When choosing a currency specialist, make sure you choose carefully, as thousands of people lost millions of pounds after the collapse of Crown Currency in 2010 – a harsh reminder that foreign exchange companies are only loosely regulated.

Moneycorp is authorised and regulated by City watchdog, the FCA, for the provision of payment services.

Learn more about international money transfers from Moneycorp at MoneySupermarket, and start sending money today.

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