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The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, more commonly known as HSBC, is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. Established in 1865, the bank prides itself on being a local bank that serves international needs. HSBC serves around 38 million customers worldwide, in 67 countries and territories, and offers a range of different financial services and banking options. Their offering includes a range of current accounts to suit different needs.

HSBC Current Accounts Guide

A staple of British banking, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services providers. HSBC is a bank that prides itself on dependability, being open to different ideas and cultures and connecting people throughout the world. There are around 38 million customers worldwide.

HSBC’s range of current accounts are designed to suits needs at all levels, throughout all parts of life. For a bank account with added benefits, there are the advance or premier bank accounts. These offer a range of extras, like exclusive discounts, cashback or a low rate credit card (check the full list for each account when you sign up). However, to qualify for these accounts, there are certain financial criteria you must pass to be eligible.

HSBC also have basic banking options, like their standard bank account, which comes with no monthly account fee, available overdraft service and a range of lending options. There’s also the basic bank account, which is aimed at customers who don’t qualify for other accounts perhaps due to bankruptcy or a poor credit history. The basic bank account offers no monthly account fees, 24/7 online or mobile banking and the ability to withdraw up to £300 a day.


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