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Santander credit cards

How to choose the right Santander credit card

  • See cards you're likely to get
  • Won't damage your credit score
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Get the lowdown on Santander’s very competitive range of credit cards and find the one that’s right for you.

Based in Spain, Santander is now the sixteenth largest banking group in the world, and one of the biggest in Europe. In the UK, it is an amalgam of three former high street building societies: Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley, which it acquired in 2004 and 2008, and merged in 2010.

It has 14m active customers and a network of just over 800 branches, holding roughly £176bn in customer deposits.

Santander currently offers four main types of credit card, each one designed to suit a different set of needs. Whether you want competitive cashback on your purchases, a sizeable span of 0% interest on your purchases, or no transaction fees when you’re on your hols, there’s a Santander credit card for you. Bear in mind that the APRs quoted in our offers are representative, and that you may be offered better or worse deals depending on your own credit rating.

How do Santander credit cards compare?

Santander offers four different credit cards, each designed to cater for separate needs. These are:
  • All in One: reward credit card which offers 0.5% cashback on purchases, 0% interest and no fee on balance transfers and purchases for 26 months, and no foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad. It has a monthly account fee of £3.
  • Everyday: purchase credit card which offers 0% interest on any purchases made in the first three months after opening, 0% interest and no fee on balance transfers for 18 months, and no monthly account fee.
  • Zero: An overseas credit card designed for travellers, which doesn’t charge fees for overseas withdrawals or transactions in the local currency anywhere in the world, as well as 0% interest on all purchases for 12 months. There’s no monthly account fee.
  • World Elite: A premium credit card which charges £15 per month, but gets you access to more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world, a concierge service and more than one million worldwide wi-fi hotpots. It has no foreign transaction fees on payments made abroad, and also offers cashback on everyday spending.

Santander credit card features

Santander manages to pack lots of features into each of its credit cards, in order to suit all sorts of needs and circumstances:

  • Rewards: Santander credit cards come with numerous rewards. Some cards offer uncapped cashback on your spending, while others give you benefits from certain retailers. The World Elite card has a number of special perks for high rollers
  • 0% interest: Most Santander cards currently offer significant interest-free periods both on purchases and balance transfers, largely without fees, making them a great way to save money on existing credit card balances
  • International rates: Several of Santander’s cards are especially good for overseas spending, waiving fees for spending in the local currency and making withdrawals
  • Security: Santander utilises MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa to help protect its cards, and has its own robust fraud monitoring system
  • Flexibility: You can add up to three additional card holders to the account
  • Online & mobile banking: You get access to the full suite of Santander’s digital banking services, including the mobile banking app, as well as text and email alerts
  • Regulation: Santander is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and you’re protected under the Consumer Credit Act. So if something goes wrong on a purchase you make between £100 and £30,000, you’ll get a full refund

Here’s how to pick the right Santander credit card:

  • For 0% balance transfers: Choose the All in One card, which at 26 months offers one of the longest 0% balance transfer periods on the market today. Unusually, there’s also no balance transfer fee, making it a very competitive option – on top of the fact you get 0.5% cashback on your purchases
  • For 0% purchases: Choose the Everyday card, which offers a generous interest-free period on purchases. It also comes with a decent interest-free period on balance transfers, and does not at present charge a fee
  • For overseas spending: Choose the Zero card, which offers fee-free spending in the local currency when you’re abroad, and no charge for making cash withdrawals either

Am I eligible for a Santander credit card?

Santander has clear eligibility criteria for each of its cards, though the offer you get will depend on your own circumstances, including your credit rating. Here’s what you need for each card:

  • You’re 18 or over, and a permanent resident of the UK
  • Your income is £7,500 or more a yea
  • You pass the checks
  • You don’t already have another card of the same type
  • For the Elite card, you must also be a Santander Select or Private Banking customer

How likely am I to get accepted?

Your chances of being accepted for a Santander credit card well depend on a range of factors – most of which come together to make up your credit score. You’ll get better rates if you have a history of responsible borrowing than you will if you’ve missed loan repayments or even defaulted in the past.

The best way to take control of your credit score is with MoneySuperMarket’s free Credit Monitor tool. You can use it to find out what your credit score is, and to work out simple ways to improve it. Once you have a better handle on your score, you should find it easier to get better deals on credit cards.

How long does it take to get a Santander credit card?

It only takes a few minutes to provide us with the information we need to access your credit score, and for us to find the correct deals – and it won’t affect your credit score. After that we’ll direct you to the provider, who will ask you to make a full application – which shouldn’t take long.

Approval is usually automatic and quite quick, and your Santander credit card and PIN should arrive in the post in around seven to 10 days.

Sometimes an application is flagged for a manual evaluation, which can take a few days extra.

How do I apply for a Santander credit card?

MoneySuperMarket’s comparison tool is a great way to apply for a Santander credit card is through. It’s simple: you give us a few details about yourself and your circumstances, and we scour our providers for the best deals available to you, including APR and credit limit. You then pick the one you like best.

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