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John Lewis Partnership Cards

John Lewis and Waitrose credit cards

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Shop regularly at Waitrose or John Lewis? The Partnership Card could be right for you

With over 150 years as a major high street name, John Lewis draw on their trusted brand status to offer a standalone credit card – the John Lewis Partnership Card.

Billed as a rewards card, the Partnership Card allows you to earn points on all purchases – which translate into vouchers you can use at John Lewis and Waitrose.

How does the John Lewis Partnership Card compare?

The card features respectable introductory 0% periods on both purchases and balance transfers. It offers 0% interest for 9 months on purchases, which could be attractive if you have a major purchase coming up and want to spread the cost without running up interest. Just remember to clear your balance before the 9 months are up, as the interest rate reverts to 18.9% APR (variable).

New cardholders looking to transfer their credit card balances also receive 0% interest for 18 months on balance transfers, which could be helpful if you’re looking to consolidate other debts. Just be aware that a 2.9% balance transfer fee applies.

Whilst it can’t match the headline rates offered by some providers, the decent introductory periods and a generous points scheme mean this card could be a rewarding all-round option – particularly if you shop regularly at either Waitrose or John Lewis. Here’s how the scheme works:

  • Cardholders earn one point for every £1 spent at both John Lewis and Waitrose – as well as one point for every £2 spent elsewhere
  • For every 500 points earned, you’ll receive £5 in vouchers that can be used at John Lewis and Waitrose
  • So, every £1 spent at John Lewis has a voucher value of 1p and every £1 spent elsewhere is worth 0.5p in vouchers
  • Every four months, John Lewis add up your points and send your vouchers to you
  • You’re free to spend your vouchers on anything in John Lewis or Waitrose – including online purchases

The points scheme comes with some extra perks too. Cardholders earn one point for every £1 they exchange for foreign currency from John Lewis – as well as earning double points for taking out car, home, pet, wedding or events insurance through John Lewis Finance.

John Lewis credit card features

For John Lewis or Waitrose regulars, the points scheme will be this card’s main draw – but it has some other handy features too:

  • Manage your account on the move: The Partnership Card app allows you to manage your account in one place - including paying off your balances with a debit card, temporarily locking your card and checking your reward points
  • Contactless and mobile payments: The card allows contactless payments and is fully compatible with mobile payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. If you happen to lose your card, you’ll be able to continue using mobile payments whilst John Lewis replace your card – just let them know
  • Security and regulation: John Lewis have partnered with HSBC to provide the Partnership Card, which is a MasterCard - so you’re protected by MasterCard Identity Check when shopping online. John Lewis are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and your card is protected by the Consumer Credit Act, meaning you’ll get a full refund if something goes wrong on purchases between £100 and £30,000
  • Flexibility: The card is a MasterCard, so it’s widely accepted – including for online purchases. You can also use your card wherever MasterCard is accepted abroad. Just be aware that any purchases will include a 2.75% non-sterling transaction fee, which is steeper than many specific overseas credit cards
  • Extra cardholders: You can add up to three extra cardholders to your account, just remember that the responsibility for repaying extra cardholder transactions remains yours

How to pay your credit card balance

You can pay your John Lewis credit card balance in any of the following ways:

  • Through the Partnership Card online account or app
  • By Direct Debit
  • Via online or telephone bank transfer
  • By postal cheque/Giro

Am I eligible for a John Lewis credit card?

At a minimum, you’ll have to meet John Lewis’ eligibility criteria - here’s what you need:

  • You must be a UK resident (excluding the Channel Islands), aged 18 or over, and have a minimum income of more than £6,750 a year
  • You can provide at least three years’ UK address history, an email address and a phone number
  • You have a UK bank account

Will I be accepted for a John Lewis credit card?

Simply meeting the criteria doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be accepted, as lenders take your particular circumstances into account – with specific focus on your credit score.

The best way to take control of your credit score is with MoneySuperMarket’s free Credit Monitor tool. You can use it to find out your credit score and to work out simple ways to improve it. Getting a handle on your credit score could help you to access more credit card offers, as well as better rates.

If you’re ready to apply, you can use our Eligibility Checker to see if you might be eligible. We’ll show you the cards you’re most likely to be accepted for, so you can avoid those that may decline you. It’s quick and hassle-free – and we don't leave a footprint on your credit file – so your credit score isn’t affected.

How long does it take to get a John Lewis credit card?

You could get a great credit card deal with MoneySuperMarket in just a few minutes. Enter some key details into our Eligibility Checker and we’ll be able to show you all the available deals based on your credit score.

After you’ve found a card that suits you, we’ll send you to the provider to fill out your full application – this shouldn’t take long. Approval is almost instant in many cases, and your card and PIN should be dispatched in the post shortly after.

Occasionally an application is flagged to give the provider more time or information to decide, which can take a few days extra.

How do I apply for a John Lewis credit card?

It’s easy and convenient to apply for a credit card with MoneySuperMarket’s comparison tool. It’s simple: you give us a few details about yourself and your circumstances, and we search our providers for the best deals available to you, including APR and credit limit. You then pick the one that suits you best.

We’re free and independent – and offer exclusive deals you can't get elsewhere.

MoneySuperMarket is a credit broker – this means we’ll show you products offered by lenders. We never take a fee from customers for this broking service. Instead we are usually paid a fee by the lenders – though the size of that payment doesn’t affect how we show products to customers.