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Electric Car Insurance UK price index

Check out the typical cost of insurance for electric cars, and how their popularity is changing over time

Our latest car insurance premium data shows that the average policy for an electric car was £613 in the first half of 2021, falling by £14 from H2 of 2020.

Last updated July 2021 • 8 min read

Electric cars had the lowest average car insurance premiums in H1 2021

  • Premiums for electric cars stood at £613 in H1 2021, £5 cheaper than diesel but £38 more expensive than petrol
  • The proportion of car insurance enquiries for electric vehicles has increased for the sixth half in a row, to about one in every 150 enquiries in H1 2021
  • Tesla Model-3 accounted for over a quarter of all electric vehicle enquiries

The average electric car premium was


between January and June 2021

Electric car insurance premiums over time

Premiums for electric cars have fluctuated heavily since 2018, more so than for petrol or diesel cars. This is to be expected as the number of electric cars being insured is far lower, which means that price is more likely to be influenced by small changes in the market.


While electric car insurance premiums have fallen between H2 2020 and H1 2021 – largely down to the lockdown restrictions affecting drivers – the drop was smaller than for petrol and diesel cars.

This is possibly because drivers aged 17-19 saw the biggest fall in average premiums in this time – but they only account for 4% of electric car enquiries. The average age of people enquiring for electric cars in H1 2021 was 42, over a decade older than those for petrol (31) and seven years older than those for diesel (35).

The proportion car insurance enquiries that are for electric vehicles continues to increase at a steady rate, and we’re likely to reach one in every 100 across the country in the near future. We can expect this trend to continue as we inch towards the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars, which comes into play in 2030.


While premiums for electric vehicles are now more expensive than for petrol cars, this change may only be temporary. The significant decline in car insurance prices across the board in H1 was in part influenced by a reduction in younger drivers during the pandemic, which affected premiums for petrol vehicles more than electric due to age differences between enquirers for each engine type. Premiums for electric cars have generally been lower than petrol or diesel, historically, and if we see the number of younger drivers increase this is likely to push premiums up for petrol cars more than electric cars.


Whatever type of car you are driving, it’s still important to make sure you shop around in order to find the best car insurance deal for you.

Proportion of enquiries for electric cars

Over the past few years the number of electric vehicles on UK roads has been steadily growing. Motor insurance enquiries for electric cars increased fourfold between 2018 and 2021, and this is a trend that looks set to continue.


In most regions of the UK, the proportion of car insurance enquiries for electric vehicles has increased every half year since the beginning of 2018.

London is the first region in the UK to have more than 1% of all car insurance enquiries be for electric cars (1.07%) – more than one in every 100 enquiries. This is more than double the proportion of electric car enquiries in the North East (0.51%), Northern Ireland (0.38%) and Wales (0.41%).

In the City of London, it was more than one in ten enquiries – by far the highest in the UK.

Proportion of enquiries for electric cars by region

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EV premium


Most popular electric cars

The electric car market is constantly changing, as vehicles become more sophisticated and new models are released.

However Tesla continue to dominate the landscape. They make up around a third of all electric vehicle enquiries in the UK, and three of the four most popular electric car models.

The two most popular models are both Tesla Model-3 variants, combining to make 23% of all enquiries, followed by the Nissan Leaf at 7%.

H1 2021 rank Car Average Premium Cost Ranking Position Change from H2 2020
1 Tesla Model-3 Long Range Awd 891.52 0
2 Tesla Model-3 Standard Range Plus 1056.27 0
3 Nissan Leaf 439.04 0
4 Tesla Model-S 1273.28 0
5 Jaguar I-Pace 670.82 +4
6 Tesla Model-3 Performance Awd 896.56 +1
7 Renault Zoe 436.6 -1
8 Kia Niro 409.78 -3
9 Nissan Leaf Acenta 397.77 -1
10 Volkswagen E-Golf 415.87 0


All premium price data is based on the median cheapest on-screen price for the given period that customers see when running a quote. Premiums are based on MoneySuperMarket customers only and are not representative of the UK average. View our car insurance index to see how premiums have changed over time for all vehicles

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