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Plasterers insurance

Plasterers public liability insurance: what you need to know

Collette Shackleton
Written by  Collette Shackleton
Saarrah Mussa
Reviewed by  Saarrah Mussa
Updated: 03 Apr 2024

Discover why plasterers insurance, including public liability cover, is important for self-employed plasterers and small businesses. Learn about essential insurance types, FAQs and what's covered.

What insurance do plasters need?

As a self-employed plasterer or small business owner, getting the right business insurance is crucial to make sure you're protected, should the worst happen.

Whether you're plastering or dry lining, being in the plastering trade comes with risks. Plasterers insurance policies can vary based on your individual needs, but you should consider public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance if you employ others within your business.

plasterers insurance

What is plasterers public liability insurance?

Like any profession where you're going into people's houses and carrying out physical work, plastering exposes you to certain risks. Public liability insurance protects you financially if you cause injury or damage to a client or their property.

Say for example you damage your client's furniture or flooring, or they trip over your unattended tools or equipment and hurt themselves. If something goes wrong and they make a claim against you, public liability insurance can help cover any compensation costs.

While public liability isn't a legal requirement, it is highly recommended in a profession such as plastering.

What if you’re a self-employed plasterer?

If you're a self-employed plasterer, there are certain options worth considering to help protect your income and your business, including:

What other types of business insurance would a plasterer need?

As a plasterer, there are various types of insurance you should consider on top of public liability. These include:

Contract works insurance

Imagine starting a plastering job and then halfway through a fire or flood destroys the property? A contract works policy can insure new walls, as well as any materials and fittings, and offers protection in the event of a flood, storm, or any vandalism.

Tools insurance

Tools are essential for plasterers, and you can cover them against loss, theft, or damage with tools insurance. Tools insurance helps you quickly replace these, which means your business won't be impacted as much.

Business van insurance with tool coverage

If you own a van and use it to transport your tools, make sure you invest in commercial van insurance and that your policy includes an add-on that covers your tools against accidental damage or theft.

Commercial property insurance and business contents insurance

If you have your own business premises or a workshop, commercial property insurance can offer protection for the building and business contents insurance offers protection for the contents inside your property.

Home office insurance

Working from home or home office insurance may be relevant if you have a home office and keep important files and run regular admin tasks from here.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance can help compensate you for any loss in unforeseen circumstances where your business is unable to operate. However, coronavirus disruptions are often excluded and won't be covered.

How do you find a good deal for plasterers insurance?

To find the best insurance to suit your plastering business needs and budget, all you have to do is compare quotes with MoneySuperMarket. Give us some basic information about you and your business, and we'll share policies from a range of leading UK providers in minutes.

What won’t plasterers insurance cover?

Policies vary per provider, but in general, here is what your insurer will refuse to pay out for:

  • Deliberate acts resulting in injury or sickness

  • Injuries that occur during travel

  • Employees working off-shore

As always, it's important to read through the terms and conditions of your policy carefully, so you have a firm understanding of what is covered and excluded.

How much does plasterers insurance cost?

The cost of your plasterers insurance policy will depend on a variety of factors, including the level of cover you require, the amount of excess you choose, the size of your business, and the types of buildings you work on.

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