The UK’s Best Cities for Co-Working

Starting a business can be tricky - and finding office space is one of the biggest concerns early on. Co-working spaces can offer a cost-effective way to start your business and launch it to global success like co-working alumni Uber and Instagram.

The idea for Instagram was hatched in a US co-working space feeding off the creative and collaborative environment; within eighteen months Facebook had bought the iconic photo sharing app for $1 billion in cash and stock. Similarly, the co-founders of Uber devised the idea for the taxi app in a co-working office in San Francisco as a way to solve the issues they had with cabs in the city. The app is now a worldwide success, available in over 300 cities across the globe.

But when searching for co-working space in the UK, which cities offer the best options? We’ve ranked the best cities for co-working spaces including factors such as rental cost, availability, security and the cost of business insurance. See the full list below.

The UK's best cities for co-working infographic

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