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Best Sky upgrade deals for existing customers

If you’ve been a Sky customer for a while and your contract is coming to an end, you might be wondering whether to switch or stay on. If you want to stick with Sky, you can take some steps to get a better deal.

Add Sky Mobile SIM only deal to your existing package

If you already have Sky broadband, you could consider getting a mobile contract with Sky too. As well as getting potentially discounted deals, you may find it easier and more convenient to manage everything from one account.

Sky has both mobile phone contracts and SIM-only deals, so you can simply add a SIM plan to your existing phone or choose to upgrade your handset entirely. You can add up to seven SIMs on your account – useful if you have a family and want to manage everyone’s SIMs easily.

With Sky Mobile, you can enjoy some unique perks. For example, if you have Sky TV, you can enjoy unlimited streaming on Sky apps. There’s also data rollover for up to three years, as well as the option to share spare data with other SIMs linked to your account.

Add Sky TV to your existing package

Sky is synonymous with TV, and for good reason. With its vast selection of entertainment, blockbuster films and live sports, you’ll be spoilt for choice for TV add-ons. Channels include Netflix, Sky Sports and Sky TV. You can customise your plan by adding TV extras, such as multiscreen, Netflix and Disney+.

The Sky Q box allows you to pause, record and rewind live TV, as well as keep all your apps in one place. If you’re interested in a smart TV option, you could check out Sky Glass. It’s got Sky TV built inside the screen, so you can stream live and on-demand TV over Wi-Fi without any need for a dish or box.

If you’re thinking of adding Sky TV to your broadband package for the first time, or upgrading your existing Sky TV plan, look out for any sweeteners on offer. For example, at the time of writing (February 2022), you can add two months of Netflix free with Sky Ultimate TV or add two months of HD or Ultra HD TV for free.

Existing customers can also stream Sky TV on their phones via the Sky Go app. What’s more, if you also have Sky Mobile, you can do this without eating into your data.

On the other hand, if you already have Sky TV and want to cut costs, have a look at what you’re currently paying for. If there are services you don’t use that much, you could always ditch them and choose a more basic plan.

Upgrade your Sky package if your broadband speed is slow

A plus point of staying with Sky is that you won’t need to pay any setup fees you’d usually pay if you switched provider.

Sky offers superfast fibre broadband packages as standard, so you should get fast speeds no matter what plan you choose.

However, if you think a faster plan would better suit your needs, you might want to upgrade your broadband package. For example, with average download speeds of 500Mbps, the Ultrafast Plus plan will provide the speediest and smoothest experience – just check if you can get it in your area.

Lower your bills by upgrading your call plan

You could consider bundling your existing broadband or TV package with Sky’s home phone plan, Sky Talk.

All broadband and phone packages come with the basic Sky Pay As You Talk option. Because you only pay for the calls you make, it’s a good option if you don’t use your landline that much.

But if you plan on using your home phone often, you could add some extras to your plan, such as inclusive evening and anytime calls, as well as international calls.

Sky existing customer deals: should you switch or upgrade?

When it comes to broadband, it rarely pays to be loyal. It’s a very competitive market, so new customers get the rewards and incentives that existing customers miss out on. This means that you typically get the best and cheapest deals when you switch provider.

Visit our broadband page to compare deals and see what you can get.

Tips for finding Sky upgrade deals

If you want to stay with Sky but you want to make it more worthwhile, there are some things you can do to upgrade your deal.

Call Sky to negotiate a deal

It’s well worth calling Sky’s customer service team on 0333 7591 018 to negotiate a better deal. You can check prices from other providers as a benchmark, then threaten to leave Sky unless it matches the price or offers a discount or add-on.

This method is particularly effective if you’re out of contract or nearing the end, as it’ll want to keep you as a customer – plus, you won’t incur an early exit charge if you do end up switching.

Complain about a problem

If you’ve been experiencing problems with a Sky service, give its customer service department a call and it may offer some help or compensation, free of charge.

For example, its Speed Guarantee promises money back if you’re not getting the promised speed, while its Wi-Fi Guarantee promises Wi-Fi in every room of your house or your money back.

Check out your Sky VIP membership

One advantage of sticking with Sky is the Sky VIP programme. Available for all existing customers, it’s a free loyalty programme that gives you perks, promotions and more.

Gifts include a free Sky Store movie when you join, free trials of new apps and even tickets to games.

Use your free My Sky app to view and select your rewards.

Bundle your Sky broadband with extra services

Think about bundling additional services with your existing broadband deal, such as Sky TV or Sky Mobile. You’ll get discounts for signing up to multiple services with the same provider, so it may work out cheaper than if you got your TV and mobile phone plan from separate companies.

Plus, you’ll likely find it easier to manage everything from one company – you’ll only have to deal with one monthly bill, one contract and one point of contact.

You could consider bundling all four services – broadband, mobile, landline and TV – in a ‘quad-play’ tariff.

As with any contract, think about whether you’re happy to commit to paying for the service for the set length of time.

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