Van Warranty

A van warranty is a written guarantee that protects you, as the owner of the vehicle from the costs of mechanical repairs should your van breakdown during the term of the policy. Warranties typically run from the period of one month to five years and the majority of 12-month policies can be renewed annually.

When you’re looking for a van warranty, we want to show you as many companies as possible, so you can find the deal that suits you best. We can’t promise to show you every single company, because some don’t want to be included on comparison websites. At, we recognise the importance of this financial product and have teamed up with the UK’s leading providers of direct consumer warranties, to offer you affordable policies, support and peace of mind when you are on the road. You can find out more about how we work here.

Why do you need van warranty insurance?

A van warranty is a precautionary measure to cover your costs in the event of a breakdown or fault that may happen to your vehicle so that you will not be out of pocket if presented with a hefty repair bill.

You can purchase a variety of different agreements through including new and used van warranty agreements, as well as independent extended warranty. We aim to help you find the right deal to suit your individual needs.

What does van warranty cover?

If your van requires repairs or you need a replacement due to a manufacturing defect then this is generally covered under your van warranty. As a form of insurance policy, your van will be covered if it breaks down due to an electrical or mechanical fault during the term of the policy.

If you decide to take your van to Europe then your van warranty will also cover any repairs needed in the event of a breakdown when abroad.

Like any type of insurance, with a van warranty, it will protect you from the costs involved. You can enjoy many benefits from purchasing a van warranty whether a used, new or independent personal extended warranty.

Your van warranty can provide cover concerning wear and tear on your vehicle, although you may have to pay an additional premium as not all warranties include this protection.

It will also provide protection to cover the total costs of labour and parts but some policies may state that you pay the costs of the parts.

Make certain you research the policy and check what mileage you are covered up to, as this type of insurance policy varies from one provider to another. The warranty can also cover you against the failure of non-insured parts or those detected during your MOT tests.

A van warranty can provide you with peace of mind concerning your finances as with the right policy you will be fully covered against the most expensive repairs. You can buy a used, new or independent extended van warranty, which can provide cover for your van for up to 10 years and with 100,000 miles on the clock. 

With a van warranty there is the assurance that you can make an unlimited number of claims with no penalties if the costs do not exceed the value of your vehicle. An additional benefit is that you will have a choice of garages whether a main dealer or an independent garage, if you need repairs.