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Making a will

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Guide to writing a will

Although it’s an unpleasant reality to face, writing a will is something we all have to do to ensure our belongings end up in the right hands when we die

What is a will?

Your will is a legal document that describes what should happen to your estate when you pass away. Your estate includes your money, property and possessions.

When should I write my will?

If you have dependants such as a spouse or children, or if you have any particular plans for your estate, then it’s worth writing a will as soon as possible and keeping it up to date. It’s especially important to update your will when there is a major change in your circumstances – for example, getting married, having children or getting a divorce.

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What do I need to include in my will?

You should ensure your will is detailed and clear, and includes the following information if necessary

  • 1

    Your estate

    Give the exact details and value of your estate, including money, properties and possessions that you own

  • 2


    You should outline who you want to inherit from your estate clearly and precisely, using full names rather than their relationship to you – for example, give your spouse’s full name rather than saying ‘my spouse’

  • 3


    You should also clearly state who the executor of your will is. The executor is the person who is responsible for dividing your estate according to your will upon your death

  • 4


     If you have any children under 18 you should state who you want to be their legal guardian

  • 5


    If you have any specific gifts you want to leave to particular beneficiaries you should say so – these are called ‘legacies’

  • 6

    A Message

    Leave a message to those special ones who have made a difference through out your life and express any wishes you may have

Jake Edmonds

Our expert says


Online will-writing services offer both affordability and convenience, streamlining the process of creating a will. Individuals can often complete their wills quickly, sometimes in just minutes. These services are particularly well-suited for simpler estates. However, for more complex estate situations, it may be wise to seek advice from a legal professional. In summary, online will-writing services provide an effective way to secure and manage one's estate with greater ease.

- Jake Edmonds, Insurance Expert

Make a will in three easy steps

  • Answer simple questions online

    Farewill's online journey makes writing a will quick and easy online. You can do it from the comfort of your own home in just 15 minutes.

  • Get it approved by Farewill's specialist team

    Farewill's online will writing service includes specialist checking to make sure your wishes are clear – and it only takes up to 5 days.

  • Print and sign your will

    After writing a will and getting it checked by Farewill's specialists, you need to print and sign it in front of two witnesses to make it legally binding. You can download your will to print at home, or Farewill can print it for you.

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For generations, writing a will has been a slow, expensive and inconvenient process that usually involves seeing a solicitor.

Farewill was created to change that and have since helped tens of thousands of people make a will across the UK.

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