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Clare Seal

Clare is a financial coach and author with a money story of her own. After learning the importance of financial literacy and wellbeing the hard way, she created the @myfrugalyear Instagram account: a community for honest and compassionate money chat. She is a mum of three, keen weightlifter and lives in the beautiful city of Bath.  


Clare Seal

Clare's Experience

Instagram Creator 

Having turned to Instagram to document a journey out of debt in 2019, Clare has since built a community of over 100,000 people across multiple platforms, writing and creating content about financial literacy and wellbeing.  

Journalist & Expert 

She writes frequently for national publications, such as the I, Guardian, Glamour and R29, and is regularly sought out to give comments on current financial stories. 

Financial Coach 

Clare certified as a financial coach in 2022, putting compassion and humanity at the centre of her practice.  


Her books, Real Life Money and Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing, were published in 2020 and 2022 respectively. 

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