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How to choose the right type of card for you - text transcript

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If you’re not sure what type of card is right for, here are three things you need to consider.

Do you have a good credit history? This is important because credit card companies consider your credit card history when they decide what interest rate and interest free period to offer you. Plus there are specific cards availabl that can help you build up your rating if your history isn’t great.

Do you want to transfer a balance from another card? There are lots of credit cards out there that are specifically designed for moving your existing balance from you old card to a new one without paying nay interest for a set period of time. So this could be a good option for you.

Do you plan to use your new card for spending? If you want to use the card for a major purchase, or for every day spending, look out for cards with low interest rates or interest free periods on purchases.

If you’re not sure which type of card you should go for, you can use our handy tool to help you choose. Just answer a couple of questions and we’ll show you which type of card is the best fit for what you’re looking for.

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