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TalkTalk broadband routers

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Are TalkTalk routers any good? What features do you get? And how strong is the signal? We've weighed everything up...

How to get a TalkTalk router

TalkTalk supplies new routers to all new and upgrading broadband customers. There are two available: the TalkTalk WiFi Hub and WiFi Hub Black. The latter comes with its basic fibre deals, while the former is reserved for customers on its ultrafast packages.

It’s also possible to upgrade your TalkTalk router by buying one from its online store, although it’s worth calling to see if you’re eligible for a new one before doing so.

Which is the latest TalkTalk router?

TalkTalk offers two different routers: the TalkTalk WiFi Hub and WiFi Hub Black.

While the specs of both are similar, there are key differences, which is why the WiFi Hub Black is only available for customers on its slower packages that still rely on the OpenReach network.

The TalkTalk WiFi Hub is designed for full fibre services, where customers get fibre broadband right into the home, without having to use OpenReach’s old copper wiring.

Router specs

TalkTalk WiFi Hub's key features include:

  • AC standard WiFi
  • Broadcom chipset that controls traffic and communications
  • Smart channel selection automatically picks best frequency
  • Smart WiFi tech scans for any issues constantly
  • ADSL2+ and VDSL 2 support, the latter for full fibre connections
  • Seven antennae for decent connection throughout the home
  • Four gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting devices like games consoles, plus a WAN port
  • Dual band, with support for 2.4 and 5Ghz
  • TalkTalk WiFi Hub Black
  • Comes with cheaper fibre and ADSL deals
  • Traductor chipset
  • AC standard WiFi
  • Smart channel selection
  • Smart WiFi tech
  • ADSL2+ and VDSL 2 support
  • Seven antennae
  • Dual band support
  • Four gigabit Ethernet ports, plus a WAN port

Setting up a TalkTalk router

TalkTalk may require an engineer to come round to set up your broadband, especially if it’s a full fibre connection. If so, they’ll do this part for you.

If not, TalkTalk will send you a router to set up yourself. Don’t panic, it’s an easy process and simply requires you to connect it to the mains as well as your wall mounted phone socket.

If this seems tricky, then TalkTalk’s own step-by-step guide is a great resource, with easy-to-follow diagrams. You’ll be connected within minutes.

Does TalkTalk replace old routers for free?

TalkTalk will replace old routers for upgrading customers. However, if you’re happy with your deal and simply want a new router, you may have to pay for one.

We recommend calling and asking if it’s possible to get a new model, especially if you’ve been a loyal customer for some time.

Legacy TalkTalk routers

TalkTalk Super Router

Much loved by its users, with ADSL and VDSL support for full fibre connections, the Super Router packed a USB port for connecting devices such as hard drives.

With dual band support and ac WiFi as standard, it’s no longer available but still well regarded.

Other routers

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which router I have?

It can be tricky working out what router you have just by looking at it. But find the sticker with your password details on it and the model number will be there too.

This means you can easily search and find out how old it is and if you need to upgrade.

How do I upgrade my router as an existing customer?

If you’re an existing customer, the cheapest way to upgrade your TalkTalk router is to take out a new deal. Be sure to call and haggle, so you can get the best offer available.

Alternatively, you can upgrade by buying a new router from TalkTalk without changing your existing package.

Do all new customers get the latest router?

Customers on TalkTalk’s ADSL, Fibre 35 and Fibre 65 will get a new WiFi Hub Black.

Customers signing up to its full fibre Fibre 150, Fibre 50 or Ultra Fibre Optic will get a cutting edge WiFi Hub.

Can I use a different brand of router with TalkTalk broadband?

You can use a different router, yes, although those from other providers may not work as often they’re configured for specific networks.

Generic devices such as Google Nest and Amazon Eero will work, but TalkTalk’s own routers are more than up to the job and won’t cost if you take out a new deal.

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