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Now broadband routers

Now Broadband offers standard and fibre broadband, with a rebranded Sky router to match. Here’s what you need to know about the hardware on offer.

You can get a Now Broadband router for free by signing up for one of its broadband packages.

Whether you're after standard or fibre speed deals, Now Broadband has you covered.

For those curious about the current offers, you can check out the best Now Broadband deals to see what suits your internet needs.

Which is the latest Now Broadband router?

The Now Hub Two stands as the latest offering from Now Broadband. This router might ring a bell for some, as it's a rebranded version of the Sky Q Hub, which is no longer distributed by Sky.

Don't let the term 'rebranded' fool you, though; the Now Hub Two boasts a specification sheet that's sure to impress and meet the demands of most modern households. While the Now Hub Two is described as "a little old," it still offers decent reach throughout the home.

Router specs

AC standard WiFi

The Now Hub Two isn't just keeping up with the times; it's leading the charge with support for the fastest ac standard WiFi. This means that your devices can connect using the best WiFi available, ensuring a smooth and speedy online experience.

Five antennae

Coverage is key when it comes to WiFi, and the Now Hub Two's five antennae work to provide a strong signal throughout your home. While some of the latest routers come with seven antennae, five is still a solid number to maintain a reliable connection in most spaces.

Smart channel selection

Ever wonder if you're on the best WiFi channel for your connection? The Now Hub Two is constantly checking for the best channel, taking the guesswork out of the equation by continuously monitoring and selecting the most optimal WiFi channel, so you're always on the best possible connection.

Dual band

With dual band technology, the Now Hub Two accesses both the 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz bands. This flexibility allows for a more stable connection and the ability to handle multiple devices without a hitch.

Two gigabit ethernet ports

For those who prefer a wired connection for devices like gaming consoles or smart TVs, the Now Hub Two comes equipped with two gigabit Ethernet ports. While this is fewer than the four ports offered by many competitors, it still provides a fast and stable connection for your most important devices, although having only two ports is a bit of a miss.

Broadband Buddy app

Taking control of your internet has never been easier thanks to the Broadband Buddy app. Similar to Sky's offering, this app allows you to manage your router with ease. Set parental locks, schedule internet access, and more—all from the palm of your hand.

Setting up a Now Broadband router

The setup process for the Now Broadband router is straightforward and typically doesn't require an engineer's visit. Simply plug the router into the mains and connect the appropriate cables to your phone line box. If you need a bit more guidance, Now Broadband has an excellent step-by-step router installation guide on its website.

Legacy Now broadband routers

Wrapping things up, it's worth noting that Now Broadband doesn't have a long list of legacy routers. Since the company hasn't been in the broadband market for an extensive period, most customers will likely have the Now Hub Two in their homes. This focus on a single, capable router model simplifies the customer experience and ensures consistent quality.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which router I have?

You can check which router you have by looking on the back of the device, where a sticker with the WiFi password and other key information is located. You can also take a picture of the device and do an image search online if you’re still unsure.

How do I upgrade my router as an existing customer?

If you want to upgrade your router, you should call Now Broadband and ask if you can upgrade. You may need to take out a new contract to get one, however. It’s worth remembering that you may already have the latest Now Hub Two.

Do all new customers get the latest router?

Yes, all customers get a Now Hub Two, regardless of whether they take out a standard or fibre broadband package with Now Broadband.

Can I use a different brand of router with Now Broadband broadband?

Yes, you can choose to use a different brand router with Now Broadband, such as Amazon’s Eero range or Google Nest. Just keep in mind that routers from other internet service providers (ISPs) may not work or offer optimal performance,

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