The Evolution of Halloween

It's that time of year again when children get dressed up in creepy costumes, go trick or treating and play Halloween games, or is it?

Halloween is usually recognised as a day for children, but data from MoneySupermarket shows the number of adults who celebrate Halloween has steadily increased over the past few years, with adults overtaking children in spending and the gap is still widening.

The Halloween industry is now worth an estimated 8 billion US dollars, more than double what it was worth in 2005. During the last 7 years, dressing up has increased by more than 13% and Halloween parties have increased by 11% as adults begin to claim this spooky event as their own.

The average Halloween spend in the UK is £49.78 per person, with party goers buying costumes worth an average of £27.18.

The big question on Halloween for many of us is "What are you dressing as?" - check out the infographic below for this years 'in' costume, along with alternative costumes for 2012 as well as the tried and tested costumes which you can't go wrong with.

The Evolution of Halloween

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