The Cost of Being A Twilight Fan

Going to the cinema nowadays isn't the cheap night out that it once was, and extras such as popcorn, a bag of sweets and a drink can set you back more than a romantic weekend away for two. 

This however, is of no concern to the "Twi-Hard" fans, who are happy to spend their savings on anything Twilight related.  Long gone are the days of vampire fans being satisfied with a bin-bag as a cloak and a set of teeth that won't stay in their mouth from the local joke shop. The modern Dracula devotee seeks everything from t-shirts, to cook books to shower curtains branded with their favourite fanged franchise.

Twilight's biggest fans not only queue for hours to see all of the films as soon as they are released, they also attend conventions, chase their beloved stars around the country for an autograph and spend a small fortune on talcum powder for that Pattinson-Pale complexion. But how much do the most loyal fans spend? ...

With the cost of utter devotion coming in at a staggering £22,043 it's no wonder that Twilight is an international multi-million pound industry. Whether you're an average fan or a Twi-Hard fan you'll need some serious savings to prove your devotion to Team Jacob or Team Edward. Either way, we'll see you in the cinema for Breaking Dawn Part 2 on the 16th November - We'll be the ones wearing the bin-bag capes.

The Cost of Being A Twilight Fan

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