How much can a wedding save you?

Does the thought of paying for a wedding keep you up at night? Have you ever actually sat down and gone through all of the figures? You might be pleasantly surprised...

Of course paying for a wedding is going to be expensive. For all of the savers out there, splashing out so much on one day can seem crazy.  A wedding is one of the most expensive things a couple will do in their lifetime, after buying a property and raising children.  The average cost of a traditional wedding in the UK is £11,000.  However, after all the costs of the wedding day, how much money can you actually save by being married as opposed to being single?  Would it be worth the staggering expense of a wedding?

Take a look at our 'How Much Money Can a Wedding Save You?' infographic and ask yourself; just how better off could you be financially, once you've tied the knot?

How much money can a wedding save you?

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