11 Years of the iPod

The introduction of Apple's iPod in October 2001 brought about arguably the world's biggest leap forward in the way we listen to music. The revolutionary device hammered the final nails into the coffins of portable CD and mini-disc players as well any remaining Walkman personal stereos that were still out there. The incomparable storage capacity the iPod offered, originally 5GB & 10GB, was unprecedented in the world of portable music and, in turn, made it an absolute game changer.

11 years on from the first generation iPod and the device has come a long way. Today's iPods comes in a range of different models, shapes, sizes, colours and prices and with a range of specifications and storage capacities. We've seen the introduction of photos, internet, social media, games and much more a device that was initially solely for music playback.

Of course as money saving fanatics here at MoneySupermarket, our first question was; just how much money has this incredible device saved us over time? With the introduction of iTunes, music suddenly became much more affordable and accessible.

Take a look at our latest infographic detailing the 11 years of the iPod including the features, costs and savings...

11 Years of the iPod

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