Anatomy of Saving and Spending

Ever made a last minute or impulsive purchase you've later regretted? Have a tendency to splash out rather than save up? Find yourself wondering why you make these rash financial decisions? Then read on...


If you've ever used the expression 'I'm in two minds about buying this' then you're not alone. In fact there is actually a lot of science behind this common saying.

We use several different parts of our brains when making important financial decisions. For example; have you ever wondered why paying on a card doesn't hurt quite as much as paying in cash?

Not seeing or handing over the cash removes the visual element of the pain of spending. Top this off with the added benefits such as using cashback credit cards, and it becomes even easier to spend, spend, spend!

What if you could learn to harness this understanding of your spending and saving habits? Could it make you more financially savvy? Take a look at this intriguing infographic on the anatomy of spending and find out for yourself...

Anatomy of Saving and Spending

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