Sell my Samsung Galaxy S10

If you’ve got an old Samsung Galaxy S10, MoneySuperMarket is the best place to sell it. We team up with carefully selected recycling partners, who pay the best prices and ensure that old handsets are reused, refurbished or recycled, with nothing going to landfill.

How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy S10?

  1. Compare offers. At MoneySuperMarket, we make it easy to sell your Samsung Galaxy S10. To begin with, tell us your phone’s storage capacity, if it is locked or unlocked, and its condition, and see the quotes from the recyclers we work with
  2. Send in your device. Your recycler will send you a postage pack or mail instructions which you can then use to send in your old device
  3. Get paid. When your recycler gets your Samsung Galaxy S10, they’ll make a few important checks to see what condition it’s in. If there’s unexpected damage, they may decide to change their quote. You’ll then get paid via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy S10 for?

What price you get for your Samsung Galaxy S10 all comes down to the condition that it’s in.

If it is working properly with no major damage, then you’ll get the best price possible. If your Galaxy S10 has any nasty scratches or lots of cracks on the screen, then you’ll still get paid, just not as much as for a mint device.

See above for the latest quotes on a Samsung Galaxy S10.

When is the best time to sell my Samsung Galaxy S10?

It’s best to sell your Samsung Galaxy S10 ahead of Samsung’s annual Unpacked event, which takes place every February. This is when it showcases its newest Galaxy S models and older versions tend to flood the market, driving down prices.

Of course, if you have an old phone gathering dust, it’s always a good time to sell it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price history

The Samsung Galaxy S10 first came out in February 2019, costing £799 SIM-free for 128GB. That price rose to £999 for a 512GB edition.

As the phone has now been overtaken by numerous new Galaxy S phones, you’ll get less than this, but still a significant payout that you can put towards a brand new device.

Will my Samsung Galaxy S10 be recycled?

Whatever your Galaxy S10’s condition, you can rest assured that it will be reused, refurbished or recycled. Phones that are badly broken may be taken apart and their components used to fix other phones. Those in good condition may be sold on or given a new lease of life with updated components. The good news is that nothing will go to waste.

Can I get paid for a broken Samsung Galaxy S10?

While you’ll be for a broken Galaxy S10, it’s important to be aware that severely water damaged phones are unlikely to be taken by recyclers. Check directly with recyclers before sending. Cracked screens and dents are almost always ok.

For more information, see our guide to selling a broken phone.

Can I trade my old Samsung Galaxy S10 for a new one?

It’s a great idea to use the cash you receive for your old Samsung Galaxy S10 to put towards a new one. Absolutely. Here at MoneySuperMarket we offer a huge range of deals on the very best phones from Samsung, Apple, Google and others.

What other Samsung phones can I sell?

Our recycling partners will take all kinds of Samsung phones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Samsung Galaxy A53.