If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your Samsung Galaxy A12, then MoneySuperMarket is the best place to do it. We work closely with the best recyclers in the business, ensuring that as well as getting a great price for your phone, it will either be given a new lease of life or recycled properly, with nothing being thrown into landfill.

How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy A12?

  1. Compare offers. It’s really easy to sell your Samsung Galaxy A12 with MoneySuperMarket. First of all, tell us its storage capacity, if it is locked or unlocked, and its condition, and compare more accurate quotes in the table above
  2. Send in your device. Your recycler will send you a postage pack or mail instructions which you can then use to send in your old device
  3. Get paid. When your recycler receives your Samsung Galaxy A12, they’ll perform some checks so they can confirm it’s in the condition you told them. You’ll then get paid via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy A12 for?

What you receive for your Samsung Galaxy A12 comes down to the condition it’s in. If your A12 is in working order without any damage, then you’ll get the highest price possible. That will drop if your phone has a cracked screen, dents and scratches. Only liquid damaged phones tend not to be accepted.

When is the best time to sell my Samsung Galaxy A12?

Samsung has been known to launch new, entry level Galaxy A phones in January every year. Therefore it’s a good idea to get your Galaxy A12 ready for sale beforehand, so that you can achieve the best price before more old phones come onto the second hand market.

Samsung Galaxy A12 price history

The Samsung Galaxy A12 launched in the UK in January 2021, retailing at £169. As it’s grown old, prices will have fallen, but you’ll still get some money for a new phone if you choose to sell it through MoneySuperMarket.

Will my Samsung Galaxy A12 be recycled?

If your Samsung Galaxy A12 has been damaged, then it will be fixed up, refurbished and sold on. The same goes for phones in good working order. If your A12 is badly broken, it’s likely to be taken apart and its components used to fix other Samsung phones.

Can I get paid for a broken Samsung Galaxy A12?

The good news is that you can get paid for a broken Galaxy A12, although of course the price will be less than if it was in good condition.

Almost all damage is ok, except for severe water damage or if your phone is bent out of shape. In those cases, check with recyclers directly to see if they’ll take it and you may get a nominal fee.

Read more in our guide to selling broken phones.

Can I trade my old Samsung Galaxy A12 for a new one?

Of course. Using the cash you receive for your Galaxy A12 to put towards a new phone is a really smart move, letting you cut the cost by a significant amount. We offer deals on phones to suit every budget, with handsets from Samsung, Apple and Google.

What other Samsung phones can I sell?

You can sell all types of Samsung phones through MoneySuperMarket. This includes the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy A71.