How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

To sell your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with MoneySuperMarket you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Compare offers. Use the tool above to see quotes on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Tell how much storage it has, it’s locked to a network or unlocked and if it’s broken. If you’re unsure about details like storage capacity, check your phone’s Settings app. Pick the deal you like and click through to the recycler’s website to give them your details
  2. Send in your device. Your chosen recycler will send you a postage pack or printable label which you can then use to send in your old device
  3. Get paid. Your recycler will check over your phone, and may revise their quote if your phone is damaged and doesn’t appear in the condition they were expecting. If everything is ok, they will pay you via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for?

The price you get for selling your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is dependent on numerous factors.

Unlocked models attract a slightly higher price compared with those locked to a network. A Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with larger storage usually gets a higher price, while one new or in good working condition will always get a better price than a handset that is damaged.

When is the best time to sell my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Sell your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked event which is usually held in February. This way you’ll be ahead of the crowds who tend to sell their old phones around this time, meaning you get a better price.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price history

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra launched in February 2022. A model with 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM cost £1,149 at launch, rising to £1,249 for a 256GB model with 12GB of RAM, £1,329 for a 512GB edition with 12GB of RAM and £1,499 for 1TB and 12GB of RAM.

It launched at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

For the most up-to-date look at what a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra sells for, see our comparison tool above.

Will my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra be recycled?

If your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is in good working condition it may be reconditioned and resold. If it’s damaged, it may be repaired or taken apart and its parts used to fix other Samsung Galaxy S22 units.

Or if they aren’t much good, then those parts will be melted down and recycled or disposed of safely.

MoneySuperMarket’s recyclers go through a strict vetting process, with only the best around being connected with those looking to sell their old phones.

Can I get paid for a broken Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

You can get paid for a broken Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. But it’s important to remember that prices for broken phones are always lower compared with those models that are working well. Recyclers may also revise quotes on broken phones after carrying out their own checks.

Faulty batteries, cracked screens and dents are usually acceptable to recyclers. But liquid or water damage may mean recyclers will not take your old Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Check terms and conditions first before deciding on the recycler you wish to sell to.

Read our guide to selling your broken phone for more information.

Can I trade my old Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for a new one?

Selling your old Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and using the proceeds towards a new phone is a great way to save and get the best new handset.

Upgrade to the next generation Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or make the switch to the cutting edge iPhone 14 Pro Max.

What other Samsung phones can I sell?

You can sell numerous Samsung phones via MoneySuperMarket, including newer models like the Galaxy Z Fold4 and older models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.