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About your trip

If you’re not a UK resident or are already on holiday/travelling, please click here to see what’s available to you from Voyager Insurance. You can read more about our service and you can also request a copy of this by post.

  1. What type of cover do you need?
    You can select more than one country for single trip policies.
  2. Where are you travelling to?
    Please select ALL destinations you are visiting individually.

    You should also check that the Foreign and Commonweath Office (FCO) do not advise against travel to your destination as this could affect or void your policy.
    You have selected the following countries:
  3. When would you like your cover to start?

    Annual Multi Trip policies cover you for 12 months from the start date. No cover is given for cancellation until the policy starts. If you want this cover, you should consider starting the policy straight away

    Single Trip policies cover you for cancellation from the day you buy your policy, regardless of when you are going

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  4. How many nights are you going away for?
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  5. Included policy features

    The following features are included in your travel insurance as standard. If you need to, you can amend the amount for each feature after seeing the results.

  6. How much cancellation cover do you require?
    Amounts stated are per person per trip
    Amounts stated are per person
    Amounts stated are per person per trip
  7. How much baggage cover do you require?
    Amounts stated are per person
  8. In the event of a claim, how much excess would you be prepared to pay?
    Amounts stated are per person per policy feature
Additional cover options

You can select which cover options you require with your travel insurance. You can also add these after seeing the results.

  1. Would you like to include any of the following cover options?
    You can add more cover options on the results page.
Who's travelling?
  1. Who would you like the policy to cover?
    A couple is two adults in a relationship living at the same address.
    A family is up to 2 adults with up to 5 children under the age of 18.
    A group can include 2 or more adults travelling together with or without children under the age of 18.
  2. How many people will be covered on this policy?
  3. Traveller 1
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  4. Traveller 2
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  5. Traveller 3
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  6. Traveller 4
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  7. Traveller 5
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  8. Traveller 6
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  9. Traveller 7
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  10. What's your email address?
    Your email will be used to send out your policy documents.
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