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Business Energy Multisite Meters

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The more energy meters you have, the more contracts you need to renew or renegotiate. As well as taking up valuable time, you could end up paying over the odds for your energy.

A multi-site energy deal means you can consolidate all of your energy supply into one package, with one supplier and one renewal date. It’s a simple way to save on your business energy bills.

Does your business need multi-site metering?

If you operate a business across more than one site in the UK, a multi-site deal could save you time and money. Suppliers will often offer a discount for your energy if you combine your plans into one manageable package.

For example, if your business has multiple sites, the ideal situation would be to have a single supplier, bill and contract with an end-date that all falls in line together. But things are rarely so straightforward in business.

Our large business energy team are experts in multi-meter and multi-site energy management. We can help you compare and negotiate a new deal as part of our free, impartial switching service.

Having all of your gas and electricity under the same umbrella means you’ll save both time and money. Having just one renewal date means you won’t have to keep on top of multiple contracts, plus there’s less chance of being bumped onto a standard, more expensive tariff.

Not only that, but a multi-site energy contract means you’ll effectively be buying your energy in bulk, which means there’s room to negotiate a better deal when that renewal finally does roll around.

What are the different types of multi-site energy contract?

Different businesses have different needs, and suppliers offer different types of energy contract so you can choose the one that best fits your business.

There are five main types of business energy contract. These are:

  • Fixed term contract - On a fixed term contract, you always pay the same amount per unit (kWh) for your energy. But, this doesn’t mean that your bill will be the same every month - it still depends on how much energy you use.

  • Variable-rate contract - Your unit rates (the amount you pay per kWh of gas and electricity) can increase and decrease during the duration of your contract, in line with market activity. There’s an element of risk with this type of tariff.

  • Deemed rate contract – This is also commonly known as an out-of-contract tariff. It’s a rolling contract with expensive rates that are arranged by suppliers for customers with no formally agreed contract. This isn’t a good deal.

  • 28-day contract - A rolling 28-day contract, for businesses who haven’t switched since the energy market deregulation came into effect. The unit rates you’re charged can increase and decrease.

  • Rollover contract – If you haven’t arranged a new deal when your contract comes to an end, your supplier will put you on a rollover contract. You’ll automatically be signed up for another year, and the rates you’ll be charged will usually be among the supplier’s most expensive. This is a place you don’t want to be.

It doesn’t matter how big your business is - the best way to save on your business energy bills is to get onto a fixed-term deal. This is a quick way to reduce your business’s overheads.

If you’re currently on a deal that you’re not happy with, or you think you’re paying too much for your gas and electricity, compare prices online with Bionic - MoneySuperMarekt's business energy switching partner - or give their business energy experts a call on 0800 088 6986.

How to switch to a multi-site energy contract

Comparing business energy quotes and going back and forth between suppliers can be very time consuming. MoneySuperMarket partnered with Bionic to take the time and hassle out of business energy comparison. By handing the price comparison duties over to Bionic means they can save you time by comparing the best deals tariff currently on the market to make sure you’re getting the very best deal you can.

All you need to do is give Bionic a call - one of their experts will talk through your energy usage needs before searching the market, then show you the best deals, and advise on a tariff that suits you.

Bionic uses smart data to save time and cut the amount of form filling that's needed and get all the info they need to compare prices. But it might still be helpful to have this information to hand when you call:

  • A recent energy bill

  • Your business' registration information

  • Your MPAN and MPRN numbers from your bill or meter

  • Your current contract's end date

  • The date your switching window opens

Give Bionic a call on 0800 088 6986 to see how much you could save.