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Motorcycle travel insurance

Travel insurance for your motorcycle holiday

Jake Edmonds
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Updated: 30 Jan 2024

MoneySuperMarket does not offer specialised motorcycle travel Insurance. We can. however, help you find standard travel insurance as well as standard motorbike insurance that may offer some over for overseas motocycle riding.

Key takeaways

  • Motorcycle travel insurance can provide cover for a variety of things, including medical expenses, repatriation, and cancellation

  • The level of coverage you need will depend on your individual needs and the type of trip you are taking

  • When choosing motorcycle travel insurance, be sure to compare policies carefully and make sure you understand the exclusions

When the open road calls and you're ready to embark on a motorcycle holiday, ensuring you have the right insurance cover is as crucial as a full tank of petrol. While MoneySuperMarket doesn't specifically compare motorcycle travel insurance, it does provide a range of options that cater to both travel and motorcycle insurance, suitable for your two-wheeled adventure.

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What is motorcycle travel insurance?

Motorcycle travel insurance is designed for those who plan to ride a motorcycle while travelling abroad, whether it's their own bike or a hired one. MoneySuperMarket offers a variety of options to ensure you can enjoy your holiday on two wheels with peace of mind. Here's what you can consider:

  • Motorcycle insurance for riding abroad: Your motorcycle insurance policy provider should offer the option of adding cover for riding abroad - just be sure to check how, where, and when you’re allowed to use your bike.

  • Breakdown cover: If you have a European breakdown cover policy, it will provide cover for the cost of roadside assistance you might need if your bike breaks down in Europe.

  • Travel insurance with vehicle hire: Your travel insurance policy should have the option of including extra cover, in this case for hiring a motorcycle while travelling. Keep in mind there may be restrictions on what type of bike you can hire.

Do I need motorcycle travel insurance?

Riding a motorcycle abroad isn't as simple as just hopping on and taking off; you need at least third-party cover as a legal requirement. However, depending on your destination and the nature of your trip, you may need additional cover. If your existing motorcycle or travel insurance policies don't fully protect you, a motorcycle travel insurance policy can provide that extra layer of security for activities such as touring, participating in track days, off-roading, or embarking on extensive road trips.

Does travel insurance cover motorcycle accidents?

The extent to which travel insurance covers motorcycle accidents can vary significantly between policies. It's essential to check the details, especially if your policy includes motorcycle hire. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Engine size: Most travel insurance policies will only cover you to ride a motorcycle, moped, or scooter with an engine under 125cc.

  • Using a helmet: Not wearing a helmet can invalidate your cover.

  • Following local rules: Not adhering to local road safety rules can invalidate your policy.

  • Bike-related activities: Check if your policy covers track days or off-roading.

  • Cover for the motorcycle: Travel insurance covers you, not the motorcycle itself. Separate insurance is needed for the vehicle.

Does motorcycle insurance cover travel abroad?

Your motorcycle insurance may include a policy for riding abroad, but it's important to be aware of the specifics:

  • Where you can ride: Policies often cover the EU and EEA, but worldwide coverage may require specialist insurance.

  • How long you can ride abroad: There may be limits on the number of days covered.

  • What type of cover you need: At least third-party insurance is required in the EU and EEA.

  • What documents you need: Carry insurance papers, driving licence, and breakdown cover details, but a Green Card is not needed for the EU and EEA.

What should motorcycle travel insurance cover me for?

Ideally, motorcycle travel insurance should provide comprehensive cover for you, your motorcycle, and your travel plans. Some policies come with standard cover for touring or track days, but always check the specifics to ensure they meet your needs.

What levels of motorcycle insurance can I take out?

The level of coverage you opt for will depend on the policy you choose:

  • Third-party only: Covers damage to others but not your own motorcycle.

  • Third-party, fire and theft: Includes third-party cover plus theft and fire damage to your bike.

  • Fully comprehensive: A fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy covers you for everything mentioned above, as well as providing additional protection for your own bike if you’re in an accident.

What does fully comprehensive travel insurance cover?

Fully comprehensive policies should include a wide range of coverages:

What does specialist motorcycle travel insurance cover?

For those engaging in more adventurous or specialized biking activities, specialist motorcycle travel insurance may be necessary. This type of insurance is tailored for track days, racing, touring, off-road biking, and adventure sports.

Can I add extra cover to my motorcycle insurance policy?

Yes, many providers offer additional cover options to enhance your policy:

  • Pillion cover for carrying passengers.

  • Helmet and leathers cover for theft, loss, or damage.

  • Baggage and accessories cover for items on your motorcycle.

  • Breakdown cover for roadside assistance.

  • Adding extras will likely increase premiums.

How much cover will I need on my motorcycle travel insurance policy?

A comprehensive policy should offer:

  • £2 million in medical cover, or £4 million for the USA.

  • £1 million in personal liability cover.

  • Cancellation cover equal to the cost of your holiday.

  • Baggage and belongings cover equal to the value of items you're taking, with awareness of any single-item value limits.

How long will I be covered by my motorcycle travel insurance?

Standard policies may limit coverage to 30-90 days. For longer trips, consider touring cover for up to 180 days.

What countries are covered by motorcycle travel insurance?

Coverage is usually available for safe destinations, with three levels: European, Worldwide excluding, and including the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Will motorcycle travel insurance cover me for renting and using my own bike?

Policies can cover both renting and using your own bike, but check for limits on protection.

What size engine on my motorcycle can I insure?

Insurers may limit engine size coverage, typically between 50cc and 150cc. Larger engines may require additional or specialist cover.

What won't my motorcycle travel insurance policy cover me for?

Be aware of exclusions such as riding under the influence or against medical advice. Claims might be covered by the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) in Europe. Not wearing a helmet or travelling to locations advised against by the FCDO can invalidate your policy.

Safety tips for taking your motorcycle abroad

Safety should always be your top priority:

  • Wear a helmet and protective clothing.

  • Read the road ahead and be cautious around bends.

  • Check blind spots, especially when driving on the opposite side of the road.

  • Avoid driving under the influence.

Are you hitting the world’s roads with your motorcycle?

MoneySuperMarket is here to assist you in finding the best travel and motorcycle insurance policies for riding abroad. From breakdown cover to policies that protect motorcycle hire, we can help tailor coverage to your needs. Just provide details about yourself and the cover you need, and MoneySuperMarket will show you the available deals. Safe travels and enjoy the ride!

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