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  • You must be a UK resident aged 17 or over with a valid email to be eligible to join SuperSaveClub and receive SuperSaveClub Rewards. 

  • SuperSaveClub members are be entitled to gift cards of between £5 and £15 every time they make a Further Purchase on the MoneySuperMarket website or App. 

  • Further Purchases include: Car insurance and Van Insurance (£15 gift card); Home insurance (£15 gift card); Broadband (£15 gift card); Pet Insurance (£10 gift card); Mobile Phone Contracts and SIM only deals (£5 gift card); Annual travel insurance (£5 gift card); Credit Monitor (£5 gift card), Loans from selected lenders (£15 gift card), Credit cards from selected providers (£10 gift card)

  • SuperSaveClub Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date they are made “redeemable” in your SuperSaveClub Wallet and are accompanied by an expiry date, beyond which they cannot be used or reissued. 

  • Full T&Cs available here.

SuperSaveClub is our rewards club exclusively for MoneySuperMarket customers.  

With SuperSaveClub, as well as making great savings when you buy through us, you’ll earn rewards and perks, including unlimited access to free days out at thousands of venues nationwide, rewards and so much more every time you buy a qualifying product through us. Qualifying products are: 

  • Car insurance 

  • Home insurance 

  • Pet insurance  

  • Van insurance 

  • Annual travel insurance  

  • Broadband  

  • Mobile phone deals through us 

  • Credit Monitor (you must have a credit score) 

  • Loans (selected lenders only)

  • Credit cards (selected providers only) 

Anyone who buys a qualifying product will be eligible to join. 

Qualifying products are: 

  • Car insurance 

  • Home insurance 

  • Pet insurance  

  • Van insurance 

  • Annual travel insurance  

  • Broadband  

  • Mobile phone deals through us 

  • Credit Monitor (you must have a credit score) 

  • Loans (selected lenders only) 

  • Credit cards (selected providers only) 

When you sign up for Credit Monitor, our free credit score monitoring service, you’ll be eligible for SuperSaveClub Rewards as long as you pass our verification checks, and we’re able to give you a credit score. If you don’t pass the verification checks, or if you have a thin credit file – where you have a limited credit history, so we can’t give you a credit score – then you won’t be eligible for SuperSaveClub Rewards.

When you take out a loan from a selected lender, you’ll be eligible for SuperSaveClub rewards. At the moment, not all lenders are part of our rewards programme. When you search for a loan with us, you’ll be able to see which lenders are part of the programme, as the loans that come with a SuperSaveClub reward will be highlighted in your results. The lenders who are currently signed up to SuperSaveClub are: 

  • 118 118 Money 

  • Abound 

  • Admiral 

  • Asda 

  • Bamboo 

  • Churchill 

  • Everyday Loans 

  • Finio

  • Fluro 

  • Hastings Direct 

  • John Lewis Finance 

  • Lendable 

  • MBNA

  • MCF 

  • Monzo

  • Novuna 

  • Oakbrook

  • Plata 

  • Reevo 

  • Santander

  • Shawbrook

  • Zopa 

When you take out a credit card from a selected provider, you’ll be eligible for SuperSaveClub rewards. At the moment, not all providers are part of our rewards programme. When you search for a credit card with us, you’ll be able to see which providers are part of the programme, as the cards that come with a SuperSaveClub reward will be highlighted in your results. 

The providers who are currently signed up to SuperSaveClub are: 

  • 118 Money 

  • American Express 

  • Aqua 

  • BIP 

  • Capital One 

  • Halifax 

  • John Lewis Finance 

  • Lloyds 

  • Marbles 

  • MBNA 

  • Natwest Bank 

  • Post Office 

  • Santander 

  • Yonder 

  • Zable 

Yes, you must be logged in to your MoneySuperMarket account to access the SuperSaveClub.

No, you can access the SuperSaveClub on desktop, mobile web or our app. You will need to download the app to get access and enjoy your Free Days Out Annual Pass.

Your SuperSaveClub membership will expire after 12 months if no further purchases have been made.  

No, you must not have used a cashback site (for example, Quidco) to purchase your qualifying and further products. 

Yes, you will still be eligible if you used the MSE Car Insurance Compare+ tool to purchase your policy. 

As part of the SuperSaveClub, anyone purchasing a qualifying SuperSaveClub product (car, home, pet, annual travel insurance, broadband or mobile phone deal, loan from a selected lender, or signing up for Credit Monitor) will qualify to receive 12 months access to a National Days Out pass, so you can enjoy unlimited access to thousands of venues across the UK on our app. 

Once you've purchased an eligible product through MoneySuperMarket, we’ll email you to let you know when your pass is ready. You'll need to be opted in to our marketing emails to receive this - if you don't get the email, check in your MoneySuperMarket account

All you need to do then is download the MoneySuperMarket App if you haven't already! (find out more here).  

Once you're in the app, head to the SuperSaveClub area to find your pass. Over your 12-month access period, you can return as many times as you want! 

There are over 2000 venues available to choose from across a wide range of interests including theme parks, museums, leisure activities and more. From rollercoasters to escape rooms, we’ve got them all.  

It’s important to remember if you use a one free single-entry voucher this means one person per booking, either alone or in a group, can gain entry absolutely free. Other members of your group will need to pay standard admission prices. You cannot use multiple single free entry vouchers to get free admission for more than one person.

Once you have access to the Free Days Out Annual Pass portal you can search attractions in your chosen area using the search function. You can view details about the attraction and key information like if there are any booking requirements or restricted days. It's important to always read the key terms and information thoroughly before claiming.  

You can get access to your Free Days Out Annual Pass for 12 months after you purchase, and you may use as many times as you wish. There are some restrictions, for example, some venues labelled MoneySuperMarket Hot Picks can be claimed once (1) every month.

This means you can claim a total of 12 MoneySuperMarket Hot Pick passes for any individual Hot Pick venue throughout your 12-month pass access. All other venues can be claimed multiple times, however you cannot choose the same venue more than once within a 7-day period. Any venue that is restricted due to having previously been used will be clearly marked as such and not available to claim. 

Each claimed Days Out voucher must be used within 14 days, so be sure to claim once you are ready to enjoy the attraction. 

Our partner (TLC UK) customers service team will be happy to help in the event of you experiencing any issues either claiming or using your MoneySuperMarket Days Out vouchers. You can contact the team on and we will respond within three working days.

There are multiple ways to earn more rewards in SuperSaveClub. You can earn every time you buy qualifying car, home, pet, van, annual travel insurance, broadband and mobile phone deals through us, take out a loan from a selected lender, take out a credit card from a selected provider and when you sign up for Credit Monitor. You can also earn up to £20 for each successful referral you make. This is on top of the great savings that are made when switching through MoneySuperMarket. Win win! T&Cs apply. 

The types of policies included in the SuperSaveClub are:  

  • Home insurance (buildings, contents, building and contents insurance. Excluded: landlord and rental insurance) 

  • Car insurance (fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft, third party only. Excluded: temporary car insurance) 

  • Broadband (stand-alone Broadband contract only) 

  • Travel (annual policy only. Excluded: pre-existing medical condition and single trip). 

  • Pet insurance (lifetime, accident only, time-limited. One reward per policy, not per pet) 

  • Van insurance 

  • Mobile phone (contract and SIM only) 

  • Credit Monitor (you must have a credit score to be eligible for rewards)

  • Loans (selected lenders only)

  • Credit cards (selected providers only) 

You can find full details in the Terms and Conditions.

You can redeem your SuperSaveClub Rewards in whole or in part, once in the redeemable state in your Wallet. You will then receive an email from with a range of gift cards or a pre-paid Mastercard (18+ only) to pick from of your chosen value. 

The SuperSaveClub wallet is your personal, virtual wallet where your rewards will be stored as you earn. You can see pending, redeemable and expired rewards here. 

You can upload your SuperSaveClub Wallet value to a pre-paid Mastercard (18+ only), so you can spend how you like. 

Or, you can choose a gift card from retailers such as: 

  • Gift Card* 

  • Sainsbury’s 

  • Argos 

  • Just Eat 


  • B&Q 

 *Restrictions apply, see 

Once you've purchased an eligible product through MoneySuperMarket, we’ll email you to let you know when your Free Days Out annual pass is ready. Then, you can download our app and start using it straight away. If you're not opted in to receive our marketing emails, you can check in your MoneySuperMarket account

You become eligible for cash rewards when you buy another eligible product through us, after your first purchase. Other rewards may take up to a week to appear in your Wallet as pending. This means your reward is on its way! 

Then, once we’ve had confirmation from the provider you purchased from, and as long as you don’t cancel your purchase, your reward will show as redeemable. You can then choose to redeem it or build your wallet up for an even bigger reward. 

On some occasions, rewards may take longer to show as redeemable. Please get in touch if your rewards aren't available after 60 days.

Rewards are available for 12 months from the point of the value becoming ‘redeemable’ in the SuperSaveClub Wallet. 

Once you have redeemed from your SuperSaveClub Wallet and you have received an email from with your gift card, you will have 30 days to activate your gift card. Once activated with Giftcloud, you will need to follow the guidance of the chosen retailer. 

We offer a pre-paid Mastercard option (18+ only) for those that would rather the freedom to spend at a range of brands instead of just one. 

There is no maximum! The more you buy or refer, the more you earn. 

Yes! This is one of the many perks of being a SuperSaveClub member. Your SuperSaveClub rewards of £15 will go into your wallet, and your other voucher value that comes with your chosen provider will be sent to you separately.

Don’t worry, it may take a little time for your purchase to be verified by us and your wallet to be updated. Please wait 60 days before contacting us.

No! As long as you’re logged in when making your purchase, we will automatically add the reward value into your SuperSave Wallet.

Your referral reward will be found in your SuperSaveClub Wallet. Please see full details on our refer a friend programme here

All details on how to claim on our SuperSave Price Promise can be found here.

If you have an issue related to SuperSaveClub, then please head to our contact us page

If you have a question specifically relating to your Days Out pass, then please contact us on

Cashback is an easy way for you to earn rewards as you shop. As a SuperSaveClub member, you can earn cashback when you shop at a range of brands via us, on everything from clothing to homeware to takeaways. 

When you click through from us to buy something from a retailer, the retailer pays us a commission fee, and then we pass a proportion of this on to you. The amount you get is usually a percentage of the amount you spend with the retailer.  

We'll display this fee as the cashback rate for the retailer when you click through to buy something. We’ll add it to your wallet, so that once it’s been confirmed, you can spend it on anything you like. 

In your SuperSaveClub Hub, you’ll see all the retailers that are offering cashback to SuperSaveClub members. All you need to do is click through to the retailer from the Hub, and then shop as normal. Leave the rest up to us.  

Your transaction, and the cashback amount, will show in your wallet as ‘pending’. Then, once everything’s happened in the background, your cashback will be confirmed. This usually takes 3 - 4 months, but can take a little longer for some retailers. Cashback on travel, for example, won’t be confirmed until after you’ve completed your stay.  

Once you’ve got at least £5 in your wallet, you can redeem your cashback to spend on anything you like! 

Go to the SuperSaveClub Hub, and check out the Cashback section. You can browse the offers, and when a retailer takes your fancy, simply click through and shop as normal. As long as you click through from the hub, we’ll be able to track your transaction. 

When you buy something from a retailer via SuperSaveClub, several things happen behind the scenes. When you click through to the retailer's website, this is tracked by a cookie (a small piece of data on your device) from a third party affiliate network. This is so that they can identify that you clicked through from SuperSaveClub to make your purchase.  

Once the retailer pays the third party, they will pay a fee to us, so that we can pass the cashback on to you! 

Some retailers pass on the payment faster than others, but in most cases your cashback should be available in your wallet within 3-4 months. 

Cashback is a simple and effective way to boost your SuperSaveClub rewards. Here are our tips for making cashback work for you: 


  • Start with SuperSaveClub: Click through to the retailer’s website from the cashback section of your SuperSaveClub hub to make sure we can track your purchase 

  • Enable cookies and JavaScript: These are essential for tracking your purchases. 

  • Disable pop-up blockers/ad-blockers: They might interfere with the tracking process. 

  • Clear cookies before purchase: This ensures accurate tracking for the new session. 

  • Consider a dedicated shopping browser: This helps avoid any conflicts with cookies or settings. 

  • Complete your purchase in one sitting: Abandoned carts or saved quotes might affect cashback. 

  • Purchase online only: Phone orders or orders through the retailer’s app won’t be tracked. 


  • Use private browsing: This disables tracking altogether. 

  • Combine with external voucher codes: Use MoneySuperMarket’s codes for optimal tracking. 

  • Open too many tabs: This can disrupt the tracking process. 

The cashback you receive depends on how much you spend with the retailer, as it’s usually a percentage of the purchase amount. You’ll be able to see the percentage available from each retailer in the SuperSaveClub Hub, before you click through. But, cashback is not paid on VAT. 

For example, if a brand is offering 2% cashback, and you click through and spend £50, you would get £1 cashback. 

Each individual retailer is different, but it usually takes 3 – 4 months for your cashback to be available in your wallet. It may take a little longer for some retailers – for example, cashback on travel won’t be confirmed until after you’ve completed your stay. 

 It can take this long because a number of checks need to happen in the background to confirm your purchase, and to allow time for the retailer to pay the commission fee.  

If your cashback is still not showing as available after a few months, let us know

Your cashback will appear in your wallet, with a status depending on where it’s up to in the process. Here's what the different statuses mean: 

  • Pending – this means your purchase has been tracked, and is being processed in the background 

  • Confirmed – all the necessary checks have been done, and your cashback is available in your wallet 

  • Declined – the retailer has told us your purchase doesn’t qualify for cashback. There could be a few reasons for this – you may have cancelled or returned your order, or used a voucher code from outside MoneySuperMarket 

If something doesn’t look right with your cashback – for example, if your cashback isn’t showing in your wallet after 24 hours, or if the wrong amount is showing in your wallet – use our messenger service to let us know, so we can look into it. Make sure you let us know within 45 days of making your purchase, so we can raise it with the retailer. 

When you let us know about an issue with your cashback, our team will look into it with the retailer. It can take a few months to process, so please be patient with us.