Meet the MoneySuperSeven Squad

Introducing our handpicked squad of seven saving specialists, all working from their secret headquarters at MoneySuperMarket. Together, they're on a mission to save you money.

The Tech
Saving specialty: Broadband Connecting you to a £100* Super Saving

The Tech is the broadband guru. She knows that staying connected is everything in this world, so she'll stop at nothing to save you £100 on your broadband.*

She's addicted to gaming, and was online before she could crawl; you could call her a true digital native. She'll share her passion with anyone who's interested. Even if you're not that interested, she'll share it anyway - she loves this stuff.

Super Save on broadband *Based on average monthly bill of £32.69 from nationally representative sample (1000) vs cheapest monthly cost for superfast broadband (>55Mbs), Vodafone £22/m. Annual saving £128.28.
The Smarts
Saving specialty: Credit card deals Playing her cards right to Super Save you £327*

The Smarts is the credit card buff with a razor sharp, numerical mind. She’s an expert at finding the best deals to save you as much as much as £327.*

She has an irresistible charm to match her phenomenal mathematical brain (she can calculate pi to the hundreds!) and is a master at getting her way every time.

Super Save on credit cards *Annual saving based on 51% of customers transferring from a 21% card, with a 5% monthly repayment (Oct 21). Representative example: transferring £2,000, 1.5% balance transfer fee, 0% over 20 months then 19.95%. Representative 19.9% APR. Credit broker not lender. 18+. Subject to status.
The Spark
Saving specialty: Energy Sparking up a £200* Super Saving

The Spark is the energy whiz who's always up for a party - especially to celebrate saving you £200 on your energy bills.*

She's fun loving and has endless reserves of energy. She sees the good in everyone and everything, and her optimism means she makes friends easily - handy when the squad are out and about, because she's the one who strikes up the conversation and gets the gang where they need to be.

Super Save on energy bills *Based on savings made by 30% of consumers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket, Aug '20 - Jul '21, with the estimated annual cost adjusted for the Oct '21 Ofgem price cap. GB only.
The Wheels
Saving specialty: Car insurance Cruising to a £301* Super Saving

The Wheels is the car insurance expert, and unofficial leader of the gang. She's smart thinking and can solve problems in a flash, like how to save you £301 on your car insurance.*

She's quick witted and thinks on her feet, and she does it with a wink and a smile. She knows the MoneySuperSeven mission is a serious one, but that doesn't mean you can't have a laugh along the way.

Super Save on car insurance *51% of consumers could save up to £301.64 on their annual car insurance premiums.
Consumer Intelligence, January 2022.
The Protector
Saving specialty: Home insurance Guarding your home with a £156* Super Saving

The Protector is the hero of home insurance. She's tough and fiercely loyal, and she'll stop at nothing to keep Britain's homes safe, saving you £156* while she's at it.

She's strong, fearless, and has nerves of steel - definitely the kind of person you'd want in your corner when times are tough.

Super Save on home insurance *51% of consumers could save up to £156.90 a year on buildings and contents insurance.
Consumer Intelligence, January 2022.
Travel insurance
Saving specialty: Travel insurance Super Saving her way round the world, with cover from £4.60*

She's the slick and stylish travel insurance connoisseur. She's been there, done that, and she knows the answer to everything - including how to get travel insurance from as little as £4.60.*

She's seen it all on her travels, probably more than once, and this has given her a worldly wisdom. When the others need help, she's the one they turn to.

Super Save on travel insurance *Based on an individual aged 30 taking single trip cover for 3 days to France. Cover starts on 14 March 2022 and ends on 17 March 2022.
The Whisperer
Saving specialty: Pet insurance Cool, caring and quietly Super Saving you £200*

The Whisperer is the mistress of pet insurance. She may be the quiet one in the gang, but don't be fooled - she's an absolute ninja when it comes to protecting your furry friends and saving you £200* on your cover.

She certainly has a way with animals; she's caring, loving and a pure delight to be around - as long as you're a pet person too. If you're not, you might as well jog on.

Super Save on pet insurance *51% of consumers could save up to £200.76 on a lifetime Pet Insurance Policy. Consumer Intelligence, January 2022.
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