sell my samsung galaxy s8

MoneySuperMarket is the best place to sell your old Samsung Galaxy S8. As well as getting a good price for your phone, our carefully selected recycling partners will reuse, refurbish or recycle it, meaning that nothing goes to landfill, protecting the environment in the process.

How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy S8?

  1. Compare offers. It’s a straightforward process to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 through MoneySuperMarket. Compare offers above, and tell us its storage capacity, if it is locked or unlocked, and what condition it’s in, to get the most accurate quotes
  2. Send in your device. Pick a recycler and click through, and they’ll send you a postage pack or mail instructions which you can then use to send in your old device
  3. Get paid. When your recycler gets your Samsung Galaxy S8, they’ll make some quick checks to ensure it’s in the condition they were expecting. If there’s unexpected damage, they may change their quote. You’ll then get paid via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy S8 for?

What price you get for your Samsung Galaxy S8 all comes down to its condition.

If it is in good working order and does not have any major damage, you’ll achieve the best price possible.

If your Galaxy S8 has a cracked screen or lots of scratches, you’ll get a bit less. Remember that water damaged phones may not be accepted. However, cracks and scratches are fine.

Take a look above and adjust the filters to get the most accurate quotes on your S8 today.

When is the best time to sell my Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung’s Galaxy S series tends to be updated at a dedicated Samsung Unpacked event held in February each year. It’s best to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 before this, as prices may fall once new models hit the market.

As the Galaxy S8 came out some time ago in 2017, prices aren’t likely to change too much around that time, however. If you have one hanging around in a junk drawer, the best time to sell it is as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price history

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched in March 2017. The entry level 64GB variant cost £689.

As the phone is now rather old, the price you will get is likely to be a lot less than this, but you’ll still get a decent quote, with enough to put towards a sleek new handset.

Will my Samsung Galaxy S8 be recycled?

Absolutely. Your Samsung Galaxy S8 will either be sold on if it’s in good condition, refurbished, or if it’s badly broken, taken apart and used to fix other Samsung phones.

The main thing to know is that recyclers dispose of any other parts safely, with nothing going to landfill.

Can I get paid for a broken Samsung Galaxy S8?

Yes, you will be paid for a broken Galaxy S8. Cracked screens and scratches are always ok, as they can be fixed. But severe water damage, particularly if it means the phone cannot be turned on, tends not to be acceptable. Ask recyclers directly for their policy on water damage.

Can I trade my old Samsung Galaxy S8 for a new one?

Using the money you get for an old Galaxy S8 to put towards a new phone is a great way to save money. At MoneySuperMarket we have a wide range of phones, from the latest flagships to the best mid-tier and budget handsets.

What other Samsung phones can I sell?

You can sell all kinds of Samsung phones through MoneySuperMarket, whether that’s a Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Galaxy S10.