Broadband providers still failing on MAC codes

Brits still find MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) codes to be the main obstacle to swapping broadband providers, according to a new survey from*, despite 2007 Ofcom regulation to make it easier.

  • A third of those who have changed broadband provider in the last year  experienced a delay getting a MAC code
  • Delays could cost broadband users £143 a year

Britain's number one comparison site found a third of those who have changed broadband provider in the last year (34 per cent) experienced a delay getting a MAC code, despite the fact Ofcom introduced new regulation in 2007 to ensure all broadband providers issue a MAC code within five working days. One in six (15 per cent) admit they found the process too complicated, and 40 per cent say they don’t know what MAC codes are.

MAC code problems caused four per cent of respondents to give up on moving to a better deal, meaning they could be missing out on savings of up to £143 a year.**

Mike Wilson, broadband manager at, said: "Ofcom rules on MAC codes have been in place for some time but delays and complications clearly remain a huge issue for those who want to change provider.

"I can't see why delays occur; the providers should have a simple process in place. The fact that customers give up on swapping to a better deal solely because of MAC problems is not acceptable, people are loosing out on big savings.”

The survey also reveals 82 per cent of broadband users have not swapped provider in the past 12 months, meaning a huge amount of people could be missing out on big savings.

Mike Wilson continued: "There are some great deals on the market at the moment and people need to shop around, it also pays to consider bundling all your services – this could result in significant savings of around £230 on your landline, broadband and TV package. Haggling for a better deal is also worth while. Seven per cent of those polled said they negotiated a better deal by asking for a MAC code and threatening to leave."

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Notes to editors:
* Opinium Research carried out an online poll of 1,991 British adults between 2nd - 5th February 2010. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria
** Average cost of top five cheapest standalone broadband packages is £17.26. Average of the most expensive five standalone packages is £29.18. The difference between the top five and bottom five average products is £11.92 or £143.04 a year

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