Travelex Money Card

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Travelex’s Money Cards are a range of pre-paid travel money cards to suit holidaymakers or business travellers who are heading abroad.

Travelex Money Card

The cards are available in seven different currencies, including euros and US dollars. If you are a frequent traveller to multiple countries, you can even load a card with UK sterling, which is then converted into the local currency when you use the card abroad. Travelex is one of the country’s leading foreign exchange specialists, trading in more than 80 currencies and over 50 countries around the world. Travelex started in 1976 and are now a familiar high-street name.

Travelex Money Card – All of the latest deals for your chosen currency

Travelex Money Card

The Travelex Money Card is a safe and convenient way to take money abroad. You simply load a card with the currency of your choice before you set off and then hand it over when you are out shopping or settling the bill in a restaurant. The Travelex Money Card is available in 10 different currencies and carries the Mastercard logo, which is accepted in millions of outlets across the globe. 

A Cash Money Card works like a debit card, so each customer is given a PIN to enter at the pay point. You can also use the cards when shopping online or to withdraw money from an ATM. If you lose your Money Card, you can organise a free replacement through Travelex’s 24/7 emergency assistance service. 

Budget management

It’s easy to manage your budget with a Travelex Money Card because you can load the card with the appropriate amount of cash. A free text service will also alert you when your balance is low so you can either stop spending or top up the card by phone or online. If you bought your Money Card at a bank or travel agent, you might also be able to reload the card at a participating UK branch.

You don’t normally have to pay for a Money Card and there aren’t usually any fees to load up the card with currency. Travelex also does not levy any fees for cash withdrawals from an ATM, but you might be stung by a charge from the operator of the cash machine itself. 

You should also be aware that Money Card charges a monthly inactivity fee if you don’t use the card for 12 months.  

Choice of currency

The Travelex Money Card is a multi-currency Money Card that you can load the card with up to 10 currencies. The card is ‘smart’ in that it automatically selects the currency to match the country.

Safe and convenient 

The Travelex Money Card is a convenient and safe way to take money overseas. Plus, it allows you to control your budget while you are travelling, so you don’t get any nasty bill shocks when you get back to the UK. What’s more, they can offer better value than credit or debit cards, so make a good choice for both holiday makers and business travellers.