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Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance is offered by Sainsbury’s Bank which commenced trading in 1997 and was the first major UK supermarket to open a bank. Sainsbury’s Bank has over 1.6 million active customers and aims to reward customers with shopper benefits.

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What animals does Sainsbury’s cover?

Sainsbury’s Pet insurance can be purchased for your cat or dog and there are multi-pet insurance policies on offer so if you have more than one pet within your household you can cover your animals under one policy.

A new dog insurance policy is available from Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance for dogs from eight weeks to nine years old; however once you have your insurance with Sainsbury’s you can continue to cover your dog of any age if you renew the policy.

These different levels of cover are also on offer with Sainsbury’s Cat Insurance and the policy can be bought for cats or kittens from eight weeks to nine years old.

Why choose Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s Pet insurance offers a range of products to cover your pet should they become ill or need veterinary care.

The dog insurance and cat insurance products are available with different coverage levels and additional cover options so you can find the right option for your pet. 

The Standard pet insurance policy will cover an illness and treatments for 12 months up to the policy limit and there are different policy options for ongoing treatments that can be covered year-on-year with the policy renewal.

The pet insurance products from Sainsbury’s can also be enhanced with additional cover options including holiday cover, safe return and Loss cover.

Facts About Sainsbury’s

  • Sainsbury’s offers varied levels of cover with optional additional coverage so you have complete control of your pet policy
  • Multi-pet policies available to cover more than one pet on a single policy
  • Nectar card holders can earn Nectar points with their pet insurance policy 

Sainsbury’s Credentials

The pet insurance policies offered by Sainsbury’s Bank are provided by Allianz insurance and Sainsbury’s Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. 

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