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Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance is offered by Sainsbury’s Bank which commenced trading in 1997 and was the first major UK supermarket to open a bank. Sainsbury’s Bank has over 1.6 million active customers and aims to reward customers with shopper benefits.

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What animals does Sainsbury’s cover?

Sainsbury’s Bank pet insurance can be purchased for your cat or your dog or up to six pets with a multi-pet insurance policy. Sainsbury’s offers varying levels of cover with optional additional extras should your pet become ill or need veterinary care.

Why choose Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s Bank pet insurance offers a range of benefits should you choose to apply:

  • New customers can get 12 months for the price of nine (25% off)*
  • There’s an extra discount for Nectar card holders**
  • Multi-pet discounts***
  • Double Nectar points on Sainsbury's shopping and fuel (check T&Cs)

Sainsbury’s dog and cat insurance policies are available with different cover levels and additional cover options so you can find the right policy for your pet.

What types of pet insurance does Sainsbury’s offer?

Sainsbury’s insurance can be bought for cats or dogs or other pets from eight weeks to nine years old. There are three different levels of cover: Standard, Premier and Premier Plus.

  • Standard: limited to 12 months and offers cover for vet fees of up to £3,000 for each condition
  • Premier: offers cover for vet fees of up to £7,500 per condition, which renews each policy year
  • Premier Plus: offers cover for vet fees of up to £13,000 per condition, which renews each policy year

In all of these policies, pre-existing conditions – those that you have already seen a vet about in the past - are not covered and these need to be declared when you take out your policy. If you need cover for these, you will need to take out a specialist policy.

Once you have your insurance with Sainsbury’s Bank you can continue to cover your pet up to any age if you continue to pay the premium (without a break in cover).

The Standard pet insurance policy covers illnesses and treatments for 12 months up to the cover limit and there are different policy options for ongoing treatments that can be covered year-on-year with the policy renewal.

Premier and Premier Plus provide ongoing cover as long as you renew your existing policy annually without a break in cover. Premier Plus is Sainsbury’s most comprehensive cover and offers up to £13,000 to cover vet fees.

Sainsbury’s Bank also gives you the option to add additional cover such as:


  • Holiday Cover: if you take your pet abroad and it gets ill, it might be denied access to the UK unless it is treated
  • Safe Return Cover: if your pet goes missing, Sainsbury’s will help towards getting them back
  • Loss Cover: this will help you cover cremation costs if your pet passes away

Personal liability

For dogs only, you’ll have up to £2,000,000 of personal liability cover (£1,000,000 for Standard policies) in case property is damaged, someone is injured or falls as a result of an incident involving your pet. Sainsbury’s Bank will agree to pay compensation, expenses and legal costs for defending a claim against you.

Contact Sainsbury’s

If an incident occurs you must notify Sainsbury’s Bank immediately. There are several ways to contact Sainsbury’s pet insurance and you can call using the numbers below or email

To renew or amend your policy call 0330 100 7915.

To make a policy claim call 0330 100 7914

Note that standard rates and charges apply. Lines are open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm on a Saturday.

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance

Claims Department

Great West House (GW2)

Great West Road




The pet insurance policies offered by Sainsbury’s Bank are provided by Allianz Insurance and Sainsbury’s Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

*12 months for nine is an introductory offer available to new pet insurance customers who buy online. The discounted premium is paid in 12 monthly instalments. Sainsbury’s Bank reserves the right to alter, cancel or withdraw the offer without prior notice.

**Up to 12.5% discount. Introductory offer. You’ll receive a discounted rate based on information related to transactions you’ve made in Sainsbury’s supermarkets using your Nectar card. 32.5% of Nectar card holders who bought pet insurance achieved the maximum discount of 12.5% between October and December 2018.

***Multi-pet discount is a minimum of £24 when insuring more than one pet as this is worked out at £1 per pet per month for each pet on a policy, up to a maximum of six pets. Pets can have different cover levels and optional extras. Discount deducted separately from any other offer.

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