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Mission 1 billion


Saving a little bit of money is easy. But with bills rising every week, now is the time for BIG wins. At MoneySuperMarket, our mission is to help save the nation £1 billion on household bills. Right when we all need it most. From car insurance to broadband, home insurance to credit cards, we have it covered. So, before you do anything else today, compare prices and find out how much you could save. Because if we can't save Britain money now, no-one can.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to super save on your household bills.

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Calculating your potential savings
Your mission: Super save on your household bills
Based on your answers, here are the potential savings we've found that could be available to you
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Mission £1billion Savings Tracker

If we all save money on our bills, every way we can, together we could save the nation £1 billion. That’s our aim. That’s our mission.

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*Estimated savings from May 13th 2022. Estimated savings based on savings claims per product multiplied by the number of sales through each of our respective comparison services, then total. Products included - Car, Home, Pet and Travel insurance, Energy, Broadband, Credit Cards, Loans and Mortgages. Savings claims are updated periodically – please contact us for previous individual product savings £ sterling values not on-site.

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