Your travel questions answered: Travel inspiration

In the third of our series answering your travel questions, Bob Atkinson provides some travel inspiration for your summer and beyond...

Q. My wife and I would like a holiday - more active than beach all the time. We both have our own bikes and cycle, often up to 50 miles a week. Can you recommend a holiday for us with some beach and bike hire as well as some walking? (Terry)

Bob Atkinson:  Terry, there are so many amazing places you could go to throughout Europe to combine both cycling and walking, so it really depends on how exactly active or inactive you want to be.

Some suggestions might be to go over to the Hook of Holland, where in the summertime you get superb beaches and lovely flat cycling territory all the way along the coast and inland, and you can go walking inland or along the coast as well.

Alternatively, why not go down to the Languedoc-Roussillon which is in the south east of France, down near the Spanish border or flying to somewhere like Béziers, and then you’ve got the Canal du Midi which you can cycle up and down or you’ve got the coastal areas – plenty of walking round there as well. An idea might be to go to the Veneto region of Italy, which is the Venice Lido. Great beaches and of course you can go cycling all over that area in that north east of Italy, giving you exactly what you’re looking for.

You either organise this by booking a separate flight and hotel or a package holiday, taking your own bikes with you or organising your own trails, or alternatively there are specialist cyclist companies out there. Now, we don’t deal with them direct at TravelSupermarket, but check out people like Headwater Holidays or Freedom Treks. They’ll be able to help you.

Q2. My husband and I, together with another couple, are hoping to get away somewhere warm in mid October. We are flexible with dates in October/November - avoiding half term, of course, so would you advise that we leave it until much nearer the time to get a late deal? We're not worried whether it's B&B or all-inclusive, but don't want to pay more than about £350pp as it will be an extra holiday for us so has to be done on the cheap! (Jean)

BA: You quite rightly point out there that the half term period at the backend of October will see a spike in holiday demands, so you’re unlikely to see a lot of cheap prices at that time of the year.

But for the dates either side there is going to be late availability. You could go looking now – there are plenty of offers on now trying to get people to book those times, but in my experience if you leave it to later you’ll probably get a better deal and widen up the options that are available to you.

Don’t leave it more than six to eight weeks before you start your research, because that’s when the holiday companies start to actively manage the prices daily to clear that stock.

The kind of destinations you’re looking for in that £350 limit are going to be Europe, and if you want to get good sun you really need to be heading to the Canaries, and if you push it further into November possibly somewhere like Egypt or Tunisia might be more suitable for you.

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