Money Matters: Episode 1

Your money, your matters, your show! Tune in for hints, tips and advice to help you with your money matters. Don’t forget to hit us up with any hints, tips or questions of your own – this show is what you make it!

**UPDATE** We're hearing that our annotations aren't working for mobile and tablet users. We've found that this is a known problem with YouTube, and as soon as they release that functionality we'll let you know. In the meantime, if any links interest you, try watching this on a laptop/desktop PC for the full experience or check the description below! **

To contact us with anything you'd like us to cover in episode 2:

* Google plus: +MoneySuperMarket

* Facebook message us at:!/moneysupermarket?fref=ts

* Twitter: @MoneySuperMkt (include the hashtag #SOMSM)

* Leave a comment on YouTube


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