Your holiday checklist

Creating a checklist of things you need to take on your holiday can save you a lot of time money. Our travel expert, Bob Atkinson, give his advice and tips to make your holiday plain sailing...

Planning and preparing for a big break is really important and taking a few minutes out to get organised can save money, stress and hassle.

So what are the things you need to remember?



• Make sure your passport is valid for the date you are travelling.

• Check whether or not you need to apply for a visa.

Travel insurance

• Travel Insurance is vital and inexpensive. Not only are you covered for medical costs, but other areas such as baggage, accidents and liability insurance.  And please do read the exclusions to know what is covered and what is not.

• If you are travelling within the EU, ensure you have an EHIC card and that it is in date it is essential for medical treatment in the EU.

Boarding card

• If you are checking in online ensure that you print your boarding cards off – fail to do this on Ryanair or Jet2 and you could pay £40 a person at the airport to replace them.

Driving licence

• If you are planning to drive while you’re away, don’t forget your driving licence.

Put all of these in your hand luggage and leave copies at home just in case anything happens and you need help.  It’s also good to upload them onto e-mail or an online document storage system.

Remember to leave contact details with friends or family in case of emergencies.

Holiday money

• For the best tips and advice on Holiday money, watch our previous videos from the Travel money series:

Your phones and gadgets

• Using your mobile phone abroad can be very costly, before travelling check how much calls cost to and from the country you are in.


• If you are on any prescription medicines don’t forget to take a copy of the prescription – some countries will insist on seeing this, especially where some drugs common in the UK are banned e.g. codeine in Dubai.

• Always take your medication with you in your hand luggage where possible – check with your airline for details.

• You might need to have jabs or be taking malaria tablets.  Get booked in now at a travel clinic or your doctor for the latest advice.

Pack Wisely

• Know your weight allowance and stick to it otherwise it could cost you dearly

• Spread your items across your families bags so that if one bag goes missing then you still have some items of your own.

• Be ruthless and take only what is essential.

• If travelling with babies, ensure you know whether you are allowed luggage for them – many airlines do not extend this to infants and will charge you for extra bags.

Make the trip go more smoothly

• Pre-book your car hire – it’s cheaper here in the UK than in the resort.

• Don’t forget to take out an excess reduction policy to safeguard you against losses should you be in an accident.

• Don’t pitch up and park at the airport.  Always book ahead as you could save hundreds of pounds.

• Re-check your travel plans and details a few days prior to travel in case anything else has changed.

And don’t forget to...

• Lock up your house.

• Turn off all electrical appliances.

• Empty the fridge.

• And lastly, check all members of your travelling party – you don’t want your holiday to turn into a re-make of Home Alone!

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