World wide winter sun guide

Are you in desperate need of a winter pick-me-up? Or do you just fancy a golden tan to make your friends jealous? Be inspired by our round-up of the top 11 toasty winter sun hotspots that won’t break the bank.

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Worldwide winter sun guide - the best escapes just for you

With winter upon us, it’s no surprise that’s we’ve got those winter blues. Missing those lovely clear warm sunny days of summer, just a distant memory now. So, if you’re in need of a winter pick me up we’ve got eleven of the best winter sun destinations to get you inspired and what’s even better is, they don’t have to break the bank in order for you to get that lovely winter sun.

So let’s start with some classic destinations to get you in the winter sun mood.

Canary Islands - 4 hours 15 minutes (Gatwick to Tenerife)

Starting with the Canary islands, they’re just a four hour flight-time away and you can pick from any of the big hitters- Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, where the winter sun temperatures are well into the high twenty degrees, each and every day. These volcanic islands have well developed resorts, those fantastic black sands in many places, loads to do both in the day time and night time and of course lots of water sports, in addition to being ideal for those seeking a winter tan. Prices start from as little as £367 per person, for a week away in the sun.

The Red Sea – 5 hours 10 minutes (Luton to Sharm El-Sheikh)

Next stop is the red sea and Sharm El-Sheikh is firmly on that winter sun radar and is an ideal place to lie back and soak up the sun. Additionally you can dive into those aqua blue waters and enjoy the coral reefs and tropical fish that are bound. High standard and resort hotels are often sold on an all-inclusive basis, helping you keep a close cap on that budget and with breaks starting from under £500 a week, you too can enjoy it this winter.

Dubai - 6 hours 45 minutes (Heathrow to Dubai)

Moving on to Dubai, this is a city that has more bling per square mile than anywhere else you would have visited. This futuristic city is packed with shopping, entertainment, fantastic things to do but of course wonderful winter sun by that glorious golden sand beach. With deals at under £500 this is along-haul destination, that really does pack a punch.

Mexico - 10 hours 55 minutes (Gatwick to Cancún)

Moving west to Mexico, Cancun and the Caribbean coast is ideal for tourists looking for heat-seeking winter deals and with temperatures way into the thirties throughout the season, it makes an ideal winter sun choice. Go all-inclusive for the very best deals and combine your winter sun with exciting discoveries of things like Mayan ruins, fantastic casinos and night life and of course the coral reefs and sea life. All available to you on a winter sun break, which is going to cost from as little as £800 upwards.

Florida - 9 hours 35 minutes (Gatwick to Orlando Int’l)

North of Mexico of course, you’ll find Florida, which is home to far more than just Mickey Mouse. Explore the cities such as Miami, Orlando with all its theme parks and entertainment as well as fantastic shopping malls everywhere you can turn and of course Florida has wonderful winter sun. Fly drives to the sunshine state start from really as low as four hundred pounds. It’s a great option for you to explore at a budget cost.

Thailand – 11 hours 20 minutes (Heathrow to Bankok)

Switching over to Thailand in the Far East, this is a fantastic centre for Brits to go away in the winter months. With temperatures regularly up in the low Thirties and of course an exotic destination for you to explore. Head to resorts such as Phuket, Kho Samui, Krabi and Pattaya for some oriental sunshine, fantastic food, wonderful experiences and all for budgets from just £650 per person upwards, including direct, non-stop flights from the UK.

Of course, If you’re ever looking for a holiday that’s a little bit closer to home, where you can really trim that winter sun budget and still get yourself that feel good factor, why not consider some of the short-haul options; with flying of under three hours here from the UK?

Algarve, Portugal - 2 hours 50 minutes (Gatwick to Faro)

The Algarve in southern Portugal is perfect for winter sun and ideal for any holiday maker and of course if you’re a lover of golf or tennis they are ideal destinations for where you can practice your sport, in that warm winter sun.

Costa del Sol, Spain - 2 hours 50minutes (Gatwick to Malaga)

Next stop is the Costa del Sol. Reached via Malaga and this area can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. The coast line strip has everything from mass-market resorts through to refined luxury, so you can find exactly what is right for your pocket and still get that winter sun at only two and a half flying hours’ time.

Tunisia - 3hours 10 minutes (Gatwick to Enfindha)

Over in North Africa, Tunisia is a really fantastic value for money destination and you will find amazing hotel deals, with all-inclusive at rates you’ll find hard to believe in winter months.

Morocco – 3 hours 40 minutes (Gatwick to Marrakech)

Sticking with North Africa, Morocco makes a fantastic winter-sun get away. You can explore the souks and markets for fantastic goods as well as getting a tan, in everywhere from beach resorts such as Agadir through to the classic city of Marrakech.

Malta – 3 hours 15 minutes (Gatwick to Malta Int’l)

Finally, why not consider Malta? This destination feels like a little slice of Britain abroad. It has wonderful, warm hospitality, some great resorts to explore and of course lots of history and historical sights to make more of your winter sun break.

So, don’t suffer with the winter blues this year. Why not treat yourself to some reviving winter sun with


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