Will my lifestyle or medical history affect my policy?

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Your lifestyle and medical history will affect the price you pay for your life insurance.

There are several factors that help determine the amount you pay for your life insurance. The big ones are your age, health and lifestyle:

  • The older you are the more you’ll pay
  • Smokers pay a lot more for life insurance than non-smokers
  • If you’re over weight or very underweight, suffer from a medical condition or have a medical history that suggests you might be prone to ill health, again you’ll probably pay more
  • Other lifestyle factors that might bump up the premium include participation in dangerous sports and activities and you’ll pay more if you have a hazardous job or one that involves a lot of traveling abroad

Whatever your circumstances it is vital that you’re as accurate as possible. If you were to get information wrong or worse still you were to lie this can invalidate a future claim.

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