Why it pays to get travel cover as soon as your holiday’s booked

Cancelling a holiday and discovering you can’t claim back what you paid for it is a nightmare, which is why it’s important to get travel insurance as soon as you book.

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If you’ve booked your big getaway for this year, the chances are you’re counting down the days until you can put your feet up and let your hair down in some lovely overseas resort.

And in all the excitement (and sometimes the hassle) of arranging your hard-earned holiday, it’s easy to put off arranging travel insurance until a later date.

But whether there’s one week or one year between now and the day you jet off, absolutely anything could happen to throw a spanner in the works in the meantime and you might have to cancel.

No cover, no refund

If you’re planning a holiday, the last thing you want to think about is not being able to go on it because you or someone in your family has fallen ill, or you’ve suddenly been made redundant.

But airlines and tour operators aren’t obliged to give you your money back if you have to cancel as a result.

That’s why it pays to have sufficient travel insurance - with cancellation cover - in place.

You can then be reassured that if you did have to call off your trip away, you’d at least be able to claim back the cash and rearrange your holiday for another time.

The golden rule

Buy your policy as soon as possible - it’s pretty much the golden rule of travel insurance.

And if you’re reading this and counting down the days until your holiday, but haven’t yet bought cover, it’s really simple, affordable and quick to do.

For example, in just a few minutes we were able to find single trip cover for a family of four travelling to Spain with cancellation cover included for as little as £11.31* - it even comes with medical cover of up to £2million and baggage cover up to £1,000.

So make yourself a brew and head over to our travel insurance channel by clicking here.

Cover starts from just £4.29, you’ll probably be done before you’ve finished your cuppa, and the peace of mind you’ll get is really worth it.

Don’t just choose cheap

While travel insurance is very affordable, it’s best not to choose a policy just because it’s cheap. Compare policies carefully to make sure they give you the cover you’ll actually need.

Cancellation cover is an absolute must, but you should also think about the policy excess and how much you’d be willing to pay upfront in order to start your claim if you had to make one.

Then there’s medical and baggage cover. Most experts recommend medical cover of up to £2million, and you should think carefully about how valuable the contents of your suitcase will be.

You could scrimp on either of these things to make your insurance cheaper, but if you have make a claim and find you’re under-insured, things could get more expensive than they need to.

If you’re planning on getting away more than once this year, you may find it better value to go for an annual or multi-trip travel insurance policy.

Whatever the case, arranging your travel insurance is a really quick job and could make a really stressful time that little bit less difficult.

*Price correct at time of writing 

Please note: any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.

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