Why buying a new kitchen could save you £££s

Looking for an excuse to hit the posh kitchen section at your favourite department store? According to Appliances Direct, updating our kitchens with new appliances can save up to 51% of the energy we use for storing food, cooking and doing the laundry.

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The biggest energy-efficient improvement you can make to your kitchen is to swap your freezer (or combination fridge freezer) for a newer model. Manufacturers have improved the efficiency of these kitchen essentials by a whacking 70% in the last 15 years.

Modernising your oven or hob can also cut the cost of energy. Appliances Direct reckons that switching to a new ‘induction hob’ can reduce the energy required to make a hot meal by 43%. (And, of course, you’ll create a culinary environment that Mary Berry would be proud of in the process.)

If you can’t quite justify the cost of new white goods, there’s other ways you can reduce your energy usage right now:

Take the heat off: For small food portions use your microwave rather than the oven. And defrost frozen food overnight before cooking.

Avoid bad kitchen habits: Whether it’s preheating your oven for too long or peeking to see if your fish fingers are cooked yet, habits like these all drive up the cost of your energy bill.

Stack it up:  Tumble dryers, dishwashers or washing machines; only press the start button when you have a full load.

Remember: EU regulations now require manufacturers to label the energy-efficiency of each appliance. Information is displayed on a clear red-to-green spectrum – green being the best. You’ll also find total energy consumption and information relevant to the particular appliance (for example, noise levels for washing machines).

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