What would you do with a £148m lottery win?

Imagine the scene: the Euromillions has just been drawn and the numbers look very familiar. You check each number on the ticket you are holding tightly in your shaking hand, against those on screen. The adrenaline surges as you are finally convinced; you’ve just won £148million.

People celebrating on a boat
That’s what just happened to Adrian and Gillian Bayford, a regular couple from Suffolk who now face the enviable task of deciding what to spend the fortune on.

Given the jackpot they stand to receive, the product of 14 rollovers, their plans for the money are relatively modest so far – a dream home, an Audi Q7 and, of course, a trip to Disney World for the children.

But say you won £148million and you didn’t need to think about the future. Say you had £148million to blow – forget about bills and debts – what would you spend it on?

On Facebook, your suggestions ranged from donating to charities to round-the-world tours, Vivienne Westwood heels, giving to friends and family and even, simply, a second-hand Volkswagen Polo.

Well we’ve been wondering the same, and as if you needed any inspiration, we’ve come up with some ideas on what you could buy, as well as a few things you actually couldn’t.

The classics

Your first port of call will probably be to collect the classic – almost clichéd – items that were reserved, until now, for people on a different scale of wealth to you. This is what your £148million would stretch to – in some cases, with a surplus.

A yacht

For some bizarre reason the yacht always seems to feature high up in the list of hypothetical lottery win spending. You could afford the biggest yacht ever built in the UK – the 314 foot-long Vava II – with your £148million, and still have £48million left to play with.

The Vava II features a fold-down beach club, a pool (of course), a helipad and luxury bedrooms.

The windfall wouldn’t be enough to buy the world’s biggest yacht though, the Eclipse, as you’d be around £11million short. Shame, as you’d miss out on paparazzi-foiling lasers and missile detection system – not to mention the extra 219 feet of space.

A sports car

With £148million you could buy yourself a fleet of sports cars and still have plenty left for the eye-watering car insurance premiums. For me, it’d be the Aston Martin Vanquish – priced at a mere £189,995 for the latest model.

As a 26-year-old I’d probably be turned down for insurance – but I could always buy an insurer instead. Last year HSBC sold its insurance company for £68.5million – well within my price range. If I was the owner they’d have to insure me, right?

You couldn’t afford to develop a new car of your own design and specification though, as costs sometimes run into the hundreds of millions, or even billions. You’ll have to slum it in a Bentley, Bugatti or an Aston Martin.

An island

Virgin tycoon Richard Branson bought Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for a paltry £180,000 in 1978, so it’s certainly possible to buy an island or two with a win of £148million.

It wouldn’t be enough for a Hawaiian island though – as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reportedly paid $600million (£381million) for Hawaii’s sixth largest island, Lanai, and then only got 98% of it!

Thinking outside the box

Sports cars, private islands and yachts are all well and good, but £148million affords you enough security to think outside of the box a little. Here are a few ridiculous, garish and daft suggestions…

A huge bottle of champagne

You’ve just won £148million so you’re going to want to celebrate. What better way to announce your arrival into the multi-millionaire club than toasting with a glass of Armand de Brignac Midas.

A giant, 30-litre bottle of the stuff will set you back £125,000.

A jetpack that’s right, for around £64,000 (that’s the guide price) you can fly through the air at speeds of 60mph reaching heights of around 2,400 metres with a real-life jetpack, pictured right.

They’re made by New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft Company, they don’t require a pilot’s licence and their dual-propeller engines pack 200 horsepower, allowing you to travel 30 miles in 30 minutes on a full tank. See more details here.

A diamond suit

What does one wear for piloting a jetpack? Why, a diamond encrusted suit of course!

The R. Jewels Diamond Edition suit from Stuart Hughes is encrusted with 480 0.5 carat diamonds and took tailors 600 hours to make. It’s a bargain at £599,000 though.

A football team

According to business magazine Forbes, my Everton-supporting colleague Les Roberts could buy The Toffees for £144million and earn £7million a year from the club’s income. At that price you’d still have enough left to rock up at Goodison Park in your diamond suit on your jetpack.

The means to fight crime

According to our number crunching at MoneySupermarket, you could become Batman for around £433million – a sum which would cover the cost of everything you’d need, including faithful butler, Alfred. Still, based on our calculations you’d at least be able to kit yourself out with a Batsuit and Batmobile.

For $850,000 (£541,711) you can also buy the original Batman #1 comic book– just so you can do your homework before you go out fighting crime.

A holiday in space

The starting prices for flights into space with Virgin Galactic are a meagre $200,000 (£127,000), so you could afford to go away a couple times a year at that price.

Alternatively you could buy your own spaceship. NASA put its Discovery Space Shuttle on sale for £17.4million in 2010 – but remember that a second-hand shuttle is going to have a fair few miles on the clock.

A piece of rock and roll history

For an estimated £1.2million you could buy the Fender Stratocaster guitar used by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock in 1969.

A New York penthouse

The penthouse at One57, Midtown West, New York sold for a whopping $90million (£57.3million). The 10,923 square-foot apartment spans the 89th and 90th floors of the building, has 23 foot ceilings and – as you would hope – some lovely views over Central Park.

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