What to look for when buying...a television

If you're buying a new television and can't decide between an LCD, LED or Plasma, this video aims to help you make that first step with answers to some common questions...

What is the difference between LCD, LED and Plasma?

With LCD TVs you can get any screen size and a really bright picture so they are ideal for gaming and Blu-ray viewing.

Plasmas are basically for your larger screen viewers, which is ideal for frame rate, refresh rate and colour.

LED, which is Light Emitting Diode, is basically the best of both worlds. The main features of an LED are that it's really power efficient and very thin.

What screen size do I need?

What you need to think about when deciding on screen size is the actual size of the room that the television is going in. Another fundamental difference is how far away you would be from the television set.

How many HDMI sockets do I need?

The number of High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) sockets you will need will all depend on the amount of technological units you are using. So, there could be a HD camcorder, a Blu-ray player, a games console, or Sky TV or Virgin.

So, the products you are using will dictate on how many HDMIs you would need.

What do I need to watch 3D TV?

To watch 3D TV, you will need a 3D Blu-ray player, a 3D television, a 3D movie and, most importantly of all, you need the 3D glasses.

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