What to look for when buying...a games console

If you're looking to buy a new games console and can't decide between an XBox 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii, this video aims to help you make that first step with answers to some common questions...


What console should I buy?

So, if you are looking to buy a new video game console, you need to think about what you want to be using it for.

So, you’ve got a family console, which is the Nintendo Wii, it’s great for the kids to play around with and its pretty easy for mum and dad to pick up as well.

The Xbox is great for online content, so if you are after a really good community, whether you want to be playing Call of Duty with your mates or against other people, the Xbox is one of those. Whereas you’ve got the Playstation 3 which is good for all your HD content and it just looks amazing if you get the right display.

What handheld consoles are on the market?

For handheld gaming we’ve got the 3DS, DS and also the PSP.

The DS is great for family games again, it’s got a lot of kids games available, where as the PSP is more focused for teenagers and older gamers.

Are there any games to play with the family?

For the Nintendo Wii you’ve got something like Just Dance 3 which gets everyone up and moving, it’s got a great variety of songs on there as well, so kids will know them as well as Nan and granddad.

On the Kinect, you’ve got things like Dance Central 2, same again, its gets everyone up and moving.

So, for the Playstation if you want to get everyone involved you’ve got things like SingStar, which you can get a microphone and start belting out some really good tunes and have a really good laugh with the family.    

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