What to look for when buying... a computer

If you're buying a new laptop or desktop, upgrading an old machine or want to do some gaming, it can be difficult to know where to look or know what questions to ask. This video aims to help you make that first step, with answers to some common issues...


Laptop v Netbook

The difference between a laptop and a netbook is that netbook tend to be more ideally suited for just internet use.

They’ve got much smaller processors in them, which even though they save on energy are ideally suited for things like facebook, browsing on eBay, that kind of stuff.

Whereas laptops have got much more robust processors in them, they are designed for video editing at the higher end or just even more use.

What is the difference between RAM memory and hard drive memory?

Your hard drive is where you store everything, so all your pictures, your videos and your files, all that is related to storage on your hard drive. RAM however, is where your programs collect little bits and pieces of themselves to make themselves run faster. So, say you start off a program, it will run slow at first but as your computer saves it in it's RAM, it will be able to do it quicker next time.

What is processor speed?

Processor speed is generally how fast your computer will run. Now it doesn’t always mean "the faster the better", but it’s a general good rule of thumb.

Desktop v Laptop

So, why should you get a desktop instead of a laptop? Mainly desktops are a lot to upgrade, all their parts are interchangeable, so if you need to upgrade in the future, you just swap them out. Laptops, however, are less so flexible.

I need a computer for gaming

If you are looking for a machine that specialises in gaming, you are going to be looking for a well powered processor, maybe like an i5 or higher. Also a good graphics card. Graphics cards will take care of the shiny details so, the better the graphics card, the better the performance.

Also, high resolution screens really show off all your high powered games.

Are there any differences between a Mac and a PC?

Are there any significant differences between Mac and PC?  Well depending on what you need to do with them, they are both very capable.

So with Mac’s - maybe more the creative side, you’ll have a lot of joy with Mac’s, but the same can be said for windows machines. All the same software is usually available on both sides, so sometimes it comes down more to preference than anything. 

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