What to expect from the new iPhone

Features of the much-awaited new iphone 5 will be closely guarded until its launch in September. But no one can stop us sharing the rumours…

We’ve been trying to guess what Apple will cram into the handset known as the iPhone 5. True, the phone we were discussing almost a year ago turned out to be the 4S, but it can never be said that the MoneySupermarket.com Mobiles blog isn’t interested in the iPhone 5.

So what’s the word on the street this time? Well, according to French site App4Phone, a Chinese source of theirs has told them that the new iPhone will hit shelves on September 21.

That source has also confirmed (as much as an anonymous source can confirm, at least) that Apple will be using a new 19 pin connector instead of the 30 pin plug that they’re known for.

The source has also told App4Phone that the new device will house a 3.75 inch screen (4 inches from corner to corner), bigger than the current phone but still some way off matching the Samsung Galaxy S3′s 4.8 inch screen (Which is pretty big, all told).

In other interesting news, research company ChangeWave asked 4,000 Americans for their opinions about the iPhone 5… and over 30% of them said that they were either very likely or somewhat likely to buy one.

That’s some pretty big numbers, you have to admit – we just hope Apple have plenty of stock come September 21

iPhone 5 rumoured for September 21st

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